Shorewood Intermediate School Capstone Fair

The Shorewood Intermediate School Capstone Fair, which will take place on Tuesday, April 16, from 9:30-11:00 a.m., is​ an opportunity for local businesses, community organizations and partners to speak with SIS students about their occupations. Set up as a traditional trade-show style, with tables set up for each participating employer, the students will visit tables to learn about the organizations. Participants in the fair will also be charged with sharing a former or current issue their organization has had to face with the students.
After the fair, the seventh grade students will then select one of the organizations that was inspiring to them, and do research (throughout the spring of their seventh grade year and into their eighth grade year) to try to solve that organization's issue. This entire process will become the students' Capstone Passion projects.
Shorewood School District is committed to providing its students with meaningful, authentic learning experiences. With your help, the District can provide its students the opportunity to question, research, test a solution and communicate their thinking on a real-world problem facing a member of our community.
The District encourages all individuals and organizations to consider participating in this fair. Share your work with local students, inspire them to make a difference and give the Shorewood students the opportunity to develop creative solutions to your organization’s problem.
If interested in learning more or participating, please contact the District's authentic learning coordinator, Nate Schultz, at