Phillip W. Gross Scholarship Expanded to Support Four Shorewood Students Through Four Years of College

The Phillip W. Gross Scholarship has been expanded to support a total of four Shorewood High School students each year with a scholarship award of $5,000 per year for four years. Previously, the scholarship had supported two students per year with a scholarship award of $5,000 for one year. A gift to the Shorewood School District from the Gross family will support the scholarship awards for the next 10 or more years, allowing 40 or more deserving students from Shorewood High School to benefit from this program.
The expanded scholarship will support each student through all four years of college, as long as they are enrolled in a post-secondary school and pending continued academic performance. The first four Phillip W. Gross Scholarships with this new, expanded format will be awarded this year.
Phillip W. Gross was a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he earned a degree in chemical engineering, and went on to teach chemistry at Bay View High School in the Milwaukee Public School district. He was a member of the Shorewood School Board for twelve years and President for four years. The expansion of the Phillip W. Gross Scholarship in the Shorewood School District honors Mr. Gross’s contributions to public education in Shorewood.
The existing Scholarship Trustees Committee that selects the recipients of the Robert Shaw Scholarship will now also select the recipients of the Phillip W. Gross Scholarship annually, based on the following criteria: a high level of academic potential, significant personal contributions to Shorewood High School and the community, and demonstrated financial need.
“We are most grateful to the Gross family for this incredibly generous contribution, which will have a transformative impact on our Shorewood students in the years to come,” said Shorewood Superintendent Bryan Davis.
With the expansion of the Phillip W. Gross Scholarship, and the existing Robert Shaw Scholarship (which supports three students annually), a total of seven graduating seniors at Shorewood High School will receive scholarships each year that will support them throughout the entirety of their four-year college experience.
For more information about how to establish a scholarship fund at Shorewood High School, please contact Ted Knight at