Lake Bluff Elementary's Recycling and Repurposing Initiatives

Lake Bluff Elementary School has three recycling and repurposing initiatives currently in motion and encourages all District families to participate in helping make an environmental impact.
1) Crayola ColorCycle: an amazing program to turn used markers into energy. Learn more about the program here.

What can you do? Send your children with any used markers you have around the house or at school- even non-Crayola brands. Don’t throw those dried out markers away- recycle them!
2) The Crayon Initiative: recycles used and unwanted crayons to preserve the environment and enrich the lives of hospitalized children through art and imagination. Learn more about the initiative here. Please note: if they are in good usable condition, donate to MESA for their students to use.

What can you do? Send your children with any unwanted/broken crayons at home or at school. You can even donate the crayons that restaurants give you to take home.
3) Donate to MESA (Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Academy): an MPS school with many students in need of basic school supplies.

What can you do? Donate your school supply items that you no longer want/need that are in good usable condition. Examples include: scissors, unused/barely used glue sticks, notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpeners, a package or markers/crayons and any other supplies you can think of that a student would need.

Please drop off donations for any of the above three initiatives to Lake Bluff Elementary School. There are donation boxes outside the front office.
Thank you for making a big impact on our students while making an impact on the environment and world around us!