SHS Achieves Highest Composite ACT Score Since 2015

The Statewide ACT results* provided in the ACT Profile Report for the Shorewood School District show that of the tests taken by all SHS 11th graders on February 20, 2019, the SHS Class of 2020 raised Shorewood High School’s ACT School-wide composite score by 0.2 from 23.3 (in 2018) to 23.5. This is the highest average Shorewood High School has obtained since the beginning of the ACT Statewide assessment in 2015, when all juniors began taking the test. Furthermore, the score is a full point above the projections for the Class of 2020.
“These results are an acknowledgment of the success of our system,” says Superintendent Bryan Davis. “This is proof that we can maintain a high level of achievement on college entrance exams and create authentic learning opportunities for students.”

Graduating Class of 2020 Statewide ACT Predictions & Results

(2016-17) Freshman Aspire Predicted ACT Average = 22.9
(2017-18) Sophomore Aspire Predicted ACT Average = 22.5
(2018-19) Junior Statewide ACT Average = 23.5
*Note: DPI’s Statewide ACT results only take into account 148 of the 150 SHS juniors who took the test, so the most accurate data for ACT results is the official ACT Profile Report linked above.
The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) also recently released the Wisconsin Forward Exam, Wisconsin Statewide ACT, and Dynamic Learning Maps results for public viewing.

As the Forward test results (Grades 3-8) indicate below, the Shorewood School District continues to be ahead of the State average in all areas.

% of students prof/advanced Shorewood Statewide
ELA 53.5% 40.9%
Math 55.4% 43.4%
Science 60.5% 53.3%
Social Studies 62.2% 49.0%