Lake Bluff PTO Awards Over $5,000 in Grants

The Lake Bluff Elementary School PTO recently awarded the school $5,000 in directed grants and an additional $400 in Scholastic materials from the book fair profits earlier this October. These grants come in addition to the $100 given to each full-time teacher and the $50 given to each part-time teacher/specialist at the start of the school year.
The grant money will fund the following:
  • A new kitchen set (includes hutch, stove, sink and refrigerator) in Junior Kindergarten
  • Funding to assist with the "Super Music" program which brings small ensembles comprised of Milwaukee Symphony musicians to Lake Bluff to visit all 1st and 2nd graders at Lake Bluff (pictured above right and below)
  • 2 new bulletin boards for all of MAC Oak
  • Cooking Station in MAC 3 Birch
  • Early chapter books including authors such as Mo Jackson and Monica Brown in MAC 1 Birch
  • A new easel in Mrs. Eiers’ classroom
  • Two sets of books for studying erosion in Mrs. Walton and Mrs. Eiers’ classrooms
  • Translator bar for S-more (bulletin software) to allow the user to select from over 20 languages in which to immediately view the message.
  • A guest speaker for Ms. AuBochon and Ms. Hau’s classes who will tell stories that weave together Native American culture and character trait development
  • New Readers Workshop Books for every K5 classroom, with additional help from the Book Fair
  • New books and art supplies for Mrs. Lehmann’s class, with additional help from the Book Fair
The PTO was able to approve every grant request, thanks to the entire Lake Bluff community. The PTO could not have provided these items without the community donations, volunteer efforts and shopping at the Lake Bluff fundraisers. Please continue to help Lake Bluff enrich their students’ experiences!
Super Music guests