Pertussis Update

Confirmed Cases
11 at SHS
0 in all other schools

We are continuing to see positive pertussis tests for students at SHS and encourage continued testing for all children with a cough illness throughout the District. While not all the students obtaining a swab test are testing positive, it is important to know if a child has pertussis as it can become serious, especially for young babies and people with other respiratory conditions, like asthma. 
Please remember, if you are being tested for pertussis:
  1. Stay home until you have the results of the test
  2. If positive, begin antibiotic regimen as soon as possible
  3. Contact the District Nurse and school attendance
  4. Stay home for the full 5 days on the antibiotics
  5. Notify close friends and family of possible exposure
Tdap Vaccine
We have many 6th-12th graders that have not received a Tdap vaccination. If you would like information about obtaining one, please contact your child's primary care doctor or the North Shore Health Department. You may check your child's immunization record on Infinite Campus or the Wisconsin Immunization Registry.