Atwater Students Encourage Pledges to Adopt Storm Drains

On Sunday, October 20, at the Shorewood Farmers Market, Atwater Elementary School fourth grade students--who were in Mrs. Reinhoffer's third grade class last year--volunteered to work a tent where they encouraged passerbys to sign a pledge, adopting a storm drain.
The students spent the morning educating others about the importance of not only keeping their storm drains clear but also reminding people of the Village of Shorewood’s preference that the leaves not be raked into the street and curb.
The students were able to speak about their last year’s expedition in great detail, which was studying the Great Lakes and our watershed. The class target was to learn how water systems work together and the human impact. Since the students know that pollution entering our watershed will eventually end up in the ocean, the pledges they proposed to community members outlined that if signed, the participants would be promising to prevent pollution from reaching storm drains near their homes by keeping the area around drains free from debris.
“I was amazed and so very proud that so many students were interested in continuing this work,” says Atwater third grade teacher Janet Reinhoffer. “They spent several lunchtimes planning. I loved watching them interact with the shoppers, and community members were truly impressed by their knowledge and enthusiasm."
storm drain tent