Shorewood Schools Closed - Wednesday, November 13

To ensure the safety of all students and staff, all Shorewood School District facilities are closed today and all school district activities are cancelled. These safety measures have been taken due to new developments related to the incident involving a Shorewood High School student possessing a “hit list” and a loaded magazine of ammunition yesterday at Shorewood High School.
At approximately 2:45am this morning, the Shorewood Police informed the District that they were following up on additional information related to the incident. The FBI informed the Shorewood Police that they had received a tip that there is possible involvement of other individual(s) related to this situation. At 4:30am, the District received indication from the Shorewood Police that the validity of the tip had not been determined and likely would not be resolved until mid to late morning.
“Because the safety of everyone in the Shorewood Schools is our top priority, the decision was made to close all of our schools until the police have completed their investigation into the tip provided to the FBI,” says Shorewood Schools Superintendent Bryan Davis. “From our communication with the Shorewood Police, we do not have any reason to believe that a threat exists at SIS, Lake Bluff or Atwater. However, we feel strongly that we need to have a resolution to this matter prior to bringing students and staff back into any of the schools.”
The District will continue to work throughout the day with the Shorewood Police Department on this matter. An update on the investigation will be sent out later today along with information on when the District will be resuming classes and what supports will be made available to students when class is back in session.