Meet the Match Campaign Summary

A total of 365 donors contributed to the Shorewood Schools Meet the Match campaign,
launched in April 2015 by a $500,000 matching grant from an anonymous foundation,
raising a total of $1,022,000. Since then, a variety of new authentic learning programs
have been implemented for K-12 students district-wide. In addition, a partnership network comprised of over 30 regional organizations was established. The pie chart (pictured below) shows how funding was allocated across several key areas (see attached color pie chart sheet). The funding supported authentic learning programs through the end of the 2018-19 school year.
Program highlights include:
Project Lead the Way STEM Program: We introduced the Project Lead the Way (PLTW)
curriculum at Shorewood High School with the launch of the Introduction to Engineering
Design and Principles of Engineering courses. We then launched PLTW at Shorewood Intermediate School, with all students in 7th and 8th grades taking the Automation & Robotics and Design & Modeling courses. Funds from the Meet the Match campaign supported teacher training, program participation fees, course materials and equipment, as well as two carts of laptops for a total of 62 new computers for students. Budget: $350,000
New Maker Spaces: Our new PLTW classrooms – one at Shorewood High School and
one at Shorewood Intermediate School – also serve as Maker Spaces, with tools,
equipment, and resources available for students to build and create, including 3D
printers, vinyl cutters, CNC milling machines, 3D scanners, Vex Robotics kits, Lego
Mindstorm kits and other technology. Each classroom was outfitted with new furniture
and painted. All of this was made possible through funding provided from the Meet the
Match campaign. Budget: $100,000
Expeditionary Learning: New project-based learning experiences have been adopted in
both of our elementary schools through a program called Expeditionary Learning (EL).
Based on the principles of Outward Bound, EL encourages K-6 student growth through
Academic Mastery, Character and Citizenship, and High Quality Work and Presentations.
EL allows students to take charge of their own learning and to connect their education
to the world outside their classroom through expeditions and projects. Funding from
the campaign made the implementation of EL possible, supporting teacher training and
professional development and student learning. Budget: $412,000
Extracurricular Programs and Activities: We launched a variety of extracurricular and
cocurricular programs for students over the last five years, including FIRST Robotics and
Lego League (K-12), the BUILD Motorcycle program for high school students, Down to
Earth Experimental Physics for 5th and 6th graders, A World in Motion (co-sponsored by
Johnson Controls) for 4th graders, GE Girls (co-sponsored by GE Healthcare), a
STEM-themed program for middle schoolers, and The Commons Innovation Sprint, an
entrepreneurial experience for high school students. These programs, supported by the
Meet the Match campaign, have been great ways to supplement students’ classroom
experiences. Budget: $100,000
Authentic Learning Projects and Expeditions: Funds from the Meet the Match campaign
were also used to support teacher grants for authentic learning projects from K-12.
Partnering with SEED, the School District dedicated $5 per student per year to support
authentic learning projects, which was matched by SEED, for a total of $10 per student
per year. Leadership teams at each of the four schools in the District were responsible
for allocating these funds, based on an internal grants process that allowed teachers to
submit requests to support authentic learning projects. One of these projects was a new
course at the high school, titled “Visual Journalism.” The class is an intedisciplinary
experience for students, co-taught by an Art teacher and an English teacher, and fills a
double class period. Students work in teams and produced a capstone project at the end
of the course in the form of a journalistic multimedia piece. The course had an
enormously positive impact on students and received favorable reviews from parents.
One parent described it as a class that “taps into the artistic abilities and passion of our
students” and helps them develop “meaningful job skills” in technology and
communication. We are excited to add more of these experiences to provide students
with opportunities for innovation and creativity. Budget: $60,000
Authentic Learning Showcase: We launched the annual Shorewood Authentic Learning
Showcase three years ago, featuring 35 exhibits featuring K-12 student projects and 5
live stage presentations. Over 500 parents, community members, students, staff, and
partners attended the showcase, which attracted sponsorships from 5 organizations.
Authentic Learning experiences connect students’ skills and knowledge to real-world
issues and needs. Students engage in deep research and reflection, and collaborate with
peers to advance their learning and present high-quality work to audiences beyond the
classroom. The annual showcase is a great vehicle to put these projects on display in
front of the whole community, and offer students the opportunity to practice their
presentation skills.
Partnerships Network: As part of the outreach work associated with the Meet the
Match campaign, we have established a partnerships network of over 30 organizations,
ranging from companies (such as Johnson Controls and GE), non-profits (such as the
Urban Ecology Center), and higher education institutions (such as the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Milwaukee School of Engineering). These partnerships
have helped to establish new Authentic Learning opportunities and career-based
learning experiences for our students.
Supporting the District’s Strategic Plan and Student Results Objectives: The
Shorewood Strategic Plan and School Board policies on Student Results specifically
recognize Authentic Learning as a central component of Academic Mastery for achieving
successful student outcomes. Authentic Learning experiences help ensure that our
Shorewood students become “leaders who challenge themselves to grow and achieve
academically, pursue their passions, navigate change, learn continuously, and contribute
to the common good.” The Meet the Match Campaign fueled and guided this strategic
MTM pie chart