Shorewood Greyhounds Athletic Updates

Upcoming Events
Monday, November 25th
No Events
Tuesday, November 26th
Boys Basketball HOME vs. St. Anthony  5:30pm/7:00pm
Wednesday, November 27th
No Events
Thursday, November 28th
No Events
Friday, November 29th
Girls Hockey vs. Hayward @ Mosinee Ice Center  2:30pm
Boys Hockey vs. TBD @ Sheboygan Blue Line Ice Center
Saturday, November 30th
Girls Hockey vs. TBD @ Mosinee Ice Center  12:30pm or 2:30pm
Boys Hockey vs. TBD @ Sheboygan Blue Line Ice Center
Sunday, December 1st
Boys Hockey vs. TBD @ Sheboygan Blue Line Ice Center
Recent Accomplishments
On Friday, November 22, Shorewood High School held a pep rally to recognize the 2019 fall athletes for their seasons.
Boys Cross Country
cross country
Girls Cross Country
girls cc
Mountain Biking
Boys Soccer
Girls Swimming
Girls Tennis
Boys Volleyball
boys volleyball
Girls Volleyball
girls volleyball
The following notable accomplishments were highlighted:

State Champion Boys Soccer
State Champion Girls Cross Country
State Champion Boys Individual Cross Country
State 4th Place Girls Individual Tennis
State 4th Place Girls Swimming
State 3rd Place Mountain Biking Team
State Individual Mountain Biking Champion (D1 freshman)
Sectional Champion Girls Swimming
Sectional Runner Up Boys Volleyball
Woodland Conference Team Winners:
Boys Soccer
Honorable Mention: Midfielders Kam James and Henry Zhang; Defender Owen Weisse
Second Team: Defender Will O’Connor; Midfielder Liam Martin; Forward Denis Krioutchenkov 
First Team: Forward Austin Gayle
All-State Team: Austin Gayle
D3 State Coach of the Year: Kyle Konkol

Girls Swim
Second Team: 200 Freestyle - Amelia Kuennen, 200 IM - Amie Barrow, 100 Breaststroke - Eva McNally and the 400 Freestyle Relay team of Amalia Arndt, Elise Jacobs, Amie Barrow and Amelia Kuennen
Boys Volleyball
Honorable Mention: Chris Bussen and Nick Glaser
Second Team: Ernest Rabayev.
First Team: Colin Kenney and Chris Perry
Girls Volleyball
Honorable Mention: Charlotte Lehmann and Jacey Gray-Hall
First Team: Maddy Steinburg
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