A Handful of Highlights: December 2019

Lake Bluff Elementary
In Ms. Kalt and Ms. Kashian’s MAC 1 Birch class, author Michelle Schaub visited the students on December 10th to talk about her books, Finding Treasure: A Collection of Collections and Fresh Picked Poetry: A Day at the Farmer's Market. The students’ latest expedition was on plants and food chains so the visiting author’s subject matter tied in nicely with the unit.

“Ms. Kalt and Ms. Kashian are inspirational in their willingness to let a child run with an exciting idea, involve families in the learning, and create a classroom that is flexible, innovative, and kind,” says class parent Kelly Saunders. “I can't say enough about what they do for my little one every day.”
lb author
Atwater Elementary
On Wednesday, December 18, Atwater held an All School Crew on the topic of Empathy. During this assembly, a group of students proudly presented a member of the Board of Directors for Stars and Stripes Honor Flight with a check totaling a whopping $2,581.40.
This money raised by the Atwater students and staff is enough to send five veterans on a life-changing trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials dedicated to them and experience a day of honor and thanks. It is the most money Atwater has ever raised for the cause and is a tremendous achievement for the school.
atw check
Shorewood Intermediate School
SIS held its annual World Festival of Cultures Day on Friday, December 20th, where 7th grade students showcased the Adopt-A-Country projects that they had been working on for a few weeks in World Geography class. Each student presented information on their selected country to peers, parents, and community members.
Colorful country posters were set up throughout the second floor of the school, and observers were free to wander and ask questions of the presenters. Some students cooked festive food to share, some brought props, and others created videos to highlight their countries' culture, history, and traditions. This annual event is a favorite amongst the students and it's such a unique way of incorporating presentation skills into the social studies unit.
world fest pic
Shorewood High School
Shorewood High School student REDgen group teamed up with administration to host the first high school "recess" of the year on Wednesday, December 11th.
During this 40-minute period in the middle of the day, all students and staff were encouraged to put their phones, computers, and homework down to participate in one or more of the following activities: basketball, kickball, DJ with music, yoga, quiet time/bring your own board game, calming coloring, and a yarn pom pom art project.
This is the third year SHS has held recess and it's a great initiative that SHS is excited to continue. The goal is to host one or two more recesses this school year and eventually aim for one per quarter.
recess day