District Selects Owner’s Rep for Referendum Construction Project

At the January 28th School Board meeting, the Board approved the recommendation to select Huffman Facilities Development, Inc as the owner’s representative* for the District’s Referendum construction project.
*An owner’s rep serves as an extension of the project owner’s staff, providing guidance through the lifecycle of the construction project and protecting the owner’s interests at all times. They provide on-site representation to make sure that construction proceeds in accordance with contract documents, on time and within budget, ensuring that everything is aligned with the owner’s project goals and objectives.
This recommendation came after an extensive RFP process during which the District received three proposals for review, and invited those companies to interview on January 15th. The interview committee consisted of Dr. Bryan Davis, Tony Seidita, Marta Kwiatkowski, Mickey Chavannes and JoAnne Lipo Zovic, and interview questions asked were related to engineering experience, LEED certification, change orders, communication, selection of subcontractors, and priority to local and disadvantaged companies.
After the interview process was complete, the unanimous decision was to recommend Huffman Facilities Development, Inc. The firm has extensive experience with K12 districts including Milton, Cambridge, Verona, Sun Prairie, Cottage Grove, Madison and Evansville, and they have been in business for over 20 years. They affirm that they deeply understand schools and upon checking references, there were very positive reviews of the firm. View more information on firm president Mike Huffman here.
Scope of Services Provided By Huffman
The owner’s representative will represent the Board and community’s best interests
throughout the process which includes but is not limited to:
Pre-Construction Phase
● Reviewing bids
● Ensure that Focus on Energy is being included in the design process to maximize energy
efficiency and energy incentive
Construction Phase
● Quality control and quality assurance
● Attendance at the design and construction meetings weekly
● Reviewing project designs for operational efficiency
● Reviewing and recommending materials selection including value engineering
● Monitoring construction progress
● Review change order requests (CORs) as they relate to contractors’ proposals, material
substitutions, construction budget and schedule
● Provide written and oral progress reports to administration and board including monthly
updates of the Master Project Budget and Master Project schedule
● Facilitate issue resolution
● Perform quality assurance site inspections
Project Close-Out Phase
● Assist consultants in review of construction and establishment of punch lists
● Check warranties, guarantees, and service contracts
● Review final lien waivers and obtain title search
new SHS main bldg design

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