Children’s Wisconsin Partnership Midyear Review

Since the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, the Shorewood School District Student Services Team (SST), which includes all of District’s school counselors and school psychologists as well as the District’s partners from Children’s Wisconsin, have been meeting regularly to ensure that the School-Based Mental Health (SBMH) grant activities and SBMH Therapeutic services plans are properly implemented.

DPI SBMH Grant Highlights:
  • An introductory presentation related to the SBMH DPI Grant and Therapeutic Services focusing on our partnership with Children’s Wisconsin has occurred at all buildings.

  • Staff Wellness has been identified as a priority by the District Leadership Team. SBMH Grant consultation has been selected as a service to address this need.
    • Dr. Margaret Altschaefl, Licensed Psychologist from Children’s Wisconsin, has completed staff development training at Atwater. Future trainings and consultation services are planned for all building levels.
    • Children’s Wisconsin partners provided an overview of Staff Wellness (what/why) for all staff at the district Professional Development day on 1/20/2020.

  • A Staff Wellness survey was sent to all staff by Dr. Altschaefl to better identify training and consultation needs at all building levels.
  • A 7-Step process has been developed by Dr. Altschaefl related to Trauma Sensitive Schools. This will begin with creating a team at each building and end with sharing the plan with the District Leadership Team. This process includes assessment, reflection and plan development. Both Atwater and SIS have a Trauma Sensitive Schools Team established. Lake Bluff and SHS are in the process of identifying team members.

  • • Mini-Professional Development sessions regarding student wellness for teachers are occurring at SHS and SIS (de-escalation, coping skills, anxiety, ADHD, trauma). They are occurring at the elementary schools within their Professional Development cycles as well.
Children’s Wisconsin SBMH Therapeutic Services Highlights:
  • Space has been secured at each building to allow for all SBMH partners to provide therapeutic and consultative services. Children’s Wisconsin provided furniture to meet their specifications as needed.

  • Two SBMH Therapists have been hired by Children’s Wisconsin and are working in their assigned schools (Rebecca Breitrick – Atwater and Lake Bluff; Alecia Corbett – SIS and SHS).

  • The referral process for Therapeutic Services has been established by the SST. Student Services staff at each building level are primary referral contacts for therapeutic services. This involves communicating with students and parents and sharing referrals directly with therapists from Children’s Wisconsin.

  • Therapeutic services for students began in December, one month prior to the anticipated start time of mid-January.
    • Over 30 parents/guardians have been contacted about SBMH therapy at the elementary schools with approximately a dozen students currently receiving services.
    • Over 20 referrals have been made for students at SIS and SHS for therapeutic services. Several referrals are in the process of being finalized with Children’s Wisconsin over the next few weeks with therapy to begin soon.
Communication with Community Highlights:
  • Information related to the District partnership with Children’s Wisconsin has been shared at Parent/Teacher Conferences through a flyer. Staff have been available to answer questions as needed.

  • Ongoing communication has been occurring with students and families at each building as mental health needs arise.

  • A Parent Wellness group has been established at Lake Bluff Elementary School. They have met three times with the fourth meeting scheduled for January 27, 2020.

  • Shorewood Today highlighted the district’s commitment to addressing wellness by featuring our partnership with Children’s Wisconsin in their Winter 2019 edition titled: Doing More for Student Mental Health and Wellness.
View the presentation from the January 28th Board Meeting below.