Virtual Learning Plan Update

Shorewood Families,

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for your patience and assistance in figuring out this “new normal.”  Shorewood teachers have been hard at work this week, meeting virtually to finalize Shorewood’s Virtual Learning Plan.  As of Tuesday, March 16th, our schools are closed indefinitely. The DPI has also agreed to accept waivers for the instructional minutes requirement for this year. Thus, our goal with this plan is to continue to support and connect with students and families. 

Our current plan is complete through the week of April 6th. However, as more details about school closings happen, we will need to continue to modify our plans.  We will do our best to keep you updated.

Shorewood’s Virtual Learning Plan:

  • Week of March 16th-20th: Please utilize the Instructional Resources document with your students, which was “crowd sourced” by our teachers and community.  It is also a time to establish what your daily family schedule will look like and settle into this unconventional new environment.

  • Week of March 23rd-27th: Spring Break

  • Week of March 30th-April 3rd: This will be the start of a plan to provide families with more personalized resources and learning opportunities tailored to your child's grade level and classes.

    • Elementary Schools: Your child’s teacher will email you on Monday, March 30th around 8:00 am.  The email will contain not only some collaboratively developed activities students can do (reading, writing & math), but also a personalized message and activities from your child’s teacher. The “specials” teachers have also included some activities for your child on the document your teacher will share weekly.

    • SIS: Parents will receive an email (Monday morning, March 30th) from the SIS principal with a link to a Google Document that contains “Weekly Virtual Learning Resources” for classes at SIS.  This document will contain links to activities students can complete for each class throughout the week.

    • SHS: Students will receive emails from their teachers on Monday, March 30th. These emails will contain learning activities students can complete for each class throughout the week.

  • These Monday emails will continue as long as school continues to be closed.

During school closures, our hope is that learning will continue; particularly in the core academic areas. This is not a replacement for classroom instruction. These activities are not required nor will they be graded at this time (although students are encouraged to do so in order to keep in the routine of staying intellectually engaged). Everyone who has completed the device request form, will have devices distributed to them today between noon and 5pm.

We understand that both our families and teachers have diverse home environments.  Starting March 30th, families can experiment with virtual activities/resources in their home environment and figure out logistics without it affecting their child’s grades.  As we continue to determine what virtual learning will be from our end, it is equally important that we give families a chance to figure out what virtual learning will look like for their household.  We will do a lot of learning together throughout this process.

It is also important to reiterate that this plan is not complete. It will evolve, and we are currently looking at ways we will be able to improve the system and provide support for students that would meet DPI’s requirements for instructional minutes. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to your teacher, principal or myself.

Lastly, let us all go into this “new normal” with patience and kindness for our teachers who are working hard to take care of their families and at the same time to provide meaningful opportunities for our students.

Take Good Care of Yourself and Your Families,

Tim Joynt
Dir. of Curriculum & Instruction