SHS Advanced Placement Studio Art Virtual Art Show

The 2019-2020 SHS Advanced Placement Studio Art class was an exceptional group of students. Each student had three quarters and a month in quarantine to develop, take risks, and create an art portfolio that is based on their individual sustained investigation.

To explore the students’ artwork from the school year, please visit the following website:

 “I am beyond proud to show off their hard work and creative talent from this year,” says SHS art teacher, Jessie Mohagen. “And a huge thank you goes to Zoey Nahmmacher-Baum who organized and created the website.”

The students in AP Studio Art this year include:

Avery Adams, Tessa Bulluck, Senna Carrera, Melody Frias Villarreal, Serafina Ganther, Leland Hanewell, Parker Kuehl, Ben Lichtenstein, Ivy Lucier, Rachel Ludwig, Emma Mercuri, Elizabeth Miller, Zoey Nahmmacher-Baum, Caleb Pelzek, Jade Pergl, Mathilde Prosen-Oldani, Gabe Salud, Jennie Vuong, Olivia Weeks, Alice Whalen, and Megan Whittman.