District Partner Children’s Wisconsin Launches Shine Through Campaign

In the midst of the pandemic, children are currently facing a mental and behavioral health crisis. Children’s Wisconsin is committed to changing that and believes that caring for a child's mental and behavioral health is just as important as caring for their physical health. Therefore, Children’s Wisconsin invites families to help “Shine Through” and light a path forward to better mental and behavioral health for kids in the state of Wisconsin. 

Throughout August, Children’s Wisconsin is engaging in a social media campaign for Shine Through and is asking parents to engage in back-to-school conversations with their kids to help identify potential anxieties associated with returning to school during COVID-19. Children’s Wisconsin has created this Return to School During COVID-19 video that can help parents start the conversation. Shine Through brings to life the important work Children’s Wisconsin is doing to detect needs sooner, reduce stigma and improve access to care for kids with mental and behavioral health needs.

As part of this effort, Children’s Wisconsin is asking every parent of a school-aged child to make a promise that they will engage in these important conversations. They are calling it the #ShineThroughPledge and encourage all parents of school-age kids to participate through social media.

Please consider joining this effort. For more information on Shine Through, visit: https://shinethrough.childrenswi.org  

shine through