Parent Survey for Virtual+ Improvements - Week 2

September 25, 2020
Dear Shorewood Families,

Happy Friday. As I mentioned in last week’s email, our staff is continually looking to improve our Virtual+ learning model, so thank you to all who took the time to reflect on our first two weeks of school and complete the feedback survey. Survey results showed that most parents reported their child’s learning goals and objectives are clearly communicated each week. Survey results also indicated that most parents who responded feel sufficiently supported by their child’s teachers.

Another theme we noticed was that there is a desire to increase opportunities for student engagement, and there is also a desire to increase non-screen activities and learning opportunities for students. Lastly, many parents expressed their appreciation for the ways in which teachers are diligently working to provide quality lessons under these challenging conditions. We recognize we have many improvements still to make, and these survey results will be extremely helpful in guiding those improvements.

As we continue to build our capacity for implementing our Virtual+ learning model, we would greatly appreciate your continued participation in the surveys to help us identify trends, discover opportunities for improvement, and inform future decisions on approaches to our Virtual+ Learning model. From last week’s feedback, we made a few adjustments to the survey to capture more detailed feedback from families.

We are now asking that families with more than one student complete the survey one time for each student. (ie- if you have two students, you will fill out the survey twice). We have added school and grade identifiers, so that the survey results can provide the District with a more comprehensive understanding of the needs for each student.

The school administration, school staff, and the School Board will be having discussions throughout the month of October reviewing learning model options for the second quarter. We will use survey data, feedback on our current model, metrics from the North Shore Health Department, and lessons from peer districts and schools to make a recommendation for the learning model we will adopt for the second quarter. Regardless of the learning model chosen, students will have the option to continue in the Virtual+ model if desired, as we know that there are some students who will need to stay in this model throughout the pandemic due to medical or other personal reasons.

As a reminder, we will continue to send these surveys out each Friday for the next few weeks. Please fill out this week's Virtual+ Learning Feedback Survey here.

Thank you for your time and dedication to student learning and the District.

With Grace, Humility, and Persistence,

Bryan Davis
Shorewood Schools Superintendent