Parent Survey for Virtual+ Improvements - Week 3

Dear Shorewood Families,

As we head into October, please join me in thanking our teachers for their hard work in supporting our students during this first month of school. Teachers have focused primarily on building relationships and rapport with students and families in these first few weeks, and it has been very impactful, per the direct and survey feedback the District has received so far. As we expand the implementation of our Virtual+ learning model, we encourage you to share stories about the creative ways your students are engaging in opportunities that promote social and emotional wellness.

Survey data and a significant amount of direct feedback from families has indicated the need for more opportunities for students to meet in small groups and individually with teachers both virtually and in-person. Therefore, we are making it a District-wide priority to create more opportunities for students to engage with their teachers and peers in this way moving forward.  More information on these opportunities will be coming from your teachers and principals next week.

Thank you again to all who have taken the time and energy to complete the District’s feedback surveys sent out each Friday. We will continue to collect survey data from families and staff to inform the recommendation we will make for our learning model in the second quarter. You can fill out this week’s Virtual+ Learning Feedback Survey here.

The school administration, school staff, and the School Board will be having discussions throughout this month, to review learning model options for the second quarter. We will use metrics from the North Shore Health Department and our staff availability to cover in-person classes as we make a recommendation for the learning model we will adopt for the second quarter. 

As a reminder, we have a page on our District website dedicated to housing the latest updates regarding COVID-19 and it can be found by visiting: 

On this page, you will find all the Superintendent updates to families, school reopening plans, technology and food service updates, COVID-19 test site and data tracking information, and most recently, a section titled “Shorewood COVID-19 Data Reports.”

Under the data reports section, you can view the COVID-19 metrics in Shorewood broken down by week (starting with September 4th - up to the current week) and you can also view an overall summary of primary and secondary metrics up to this point. At the end of each week, the new weekly data will be added to the website and the overall summary will be updated. These data reports will help inform the District’s learning model decision for the second quarter and beyond.

Thank you again for your time and dedication to student learning and the District.

With Grace, Humility and Persistence,

Bryan Davis
Shorewood Schools Superintendent