Show us Your Shorewood Fall Photo Contest: Follow the Rain Drops

The Village and the Shorewood Waters Project has launched a "Show us Your Shorewood Fall Photo Contest: Follow the Rain Drops."
The purpose of the campaign is to motivate residents to get outside and use their creativity to capture how rain moves across the land and where it goes; turning an environmental issue into artistic expression. You can also take pictures of innovative green infrastructure installations in Shorewood at any of the stops on the Shorewood Water Walk Map when it’s not raining, or any pictures of rain anywhere in Shorewood when the rain drops are falling. Please record the stop number from the map if the picture is taken on a non-rainy day.
Only Shorewood residents can participate in the contest and submit only one image per day of photos taken during the contest period (September 4-October 23). This campaign is a celebration of outdoor Shorewood, rain, creativity and is open to all ages.
First and second place winners will win $125 or $50 worth of gift certificates for their favorite Shorewood businesses. The photos submitted and other water facts will be posted on the weekly Village Manager’s e-newsletter and on the Shorewood Waters Project Facebook page.
Rain either soaks into the ground or flows over the land as stormwater and then into storm drains. Along stormwater’s path the flow cleans the land picking up trash of all kinds; chemicals from leaky vehicles and from lawns and gardens (fertilizer and pesticides); dog and animal poo, and salt in winter. In Shorewood the storm drains proceed directly into the Milwaukee River, Lake Michigan or in the combined sewer system that flows to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District (MMSD) to be cleaned.  
To keep our waterways clean and limit the amount of dirty stormwater, the goal is to keep the land clean and the rain where it falls to infiltrate into the ground as much as possible.  
Rules and Details: 
  • 1st place $125 and 2nd place $75 gift cards for your favorite Shorewood businesses.
  • You must be a Shorewood resident - all ages are welcome to participate! 
  • You can only enter one picture per day taken in Shorewood during the contest time frame ending on October 23rd @ 11 pm. Please include the name of your photo, the location taken or map number and the date.
  • USE CAUTION: Be careful during storms. Stay out of stormwater flow and only go out after the threat of lightening has passed. Check-out these lightning factsBe safe out there!
  • Judging will be conducted by Shorewood students and announced on Oct. 31, 2020.
  • Entering this contest implies that you agree to the use of your picture, with mention, on the Village’s website, in social media posts and shared with local media.
  • All images will be displayed on the contest page and eventually on the Shorewood Waters Project website.
Submit your entry on the Shorewood Waters website page and follow the contest's progress on the Shorewood Waters Facebook page!