Shorewood Greyhounds Athletic Updates

Monday, October 5th
Girls Tennis SUB-SECTIONALS @ Western Racquet Club 10:30am
Tuesday, October 6th
Girls Volleyball @ Whitnall   JV2/JV1//VAR  5:00/5:00/6:30pm
Boys Volleyball  HOME vs. Whitnall  6:30pm
Wednesday, October 7th
Girls Tennis SECTIONALS @ Sports Core Kohler  9:00am
Girls Swim  HOME (virtual meet) vs. Whitnall  4:00pm
Boys Volleyball  HOME vs. Greendale  6:30pm
Thursday, October 8th
No Events
Friday, October 9th
No Events
Saturday, October 10th
Boys & Girls Cross Country Conference Meet @ Tendick Park  9:00am
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