Parent Resources for Discussing Difficult Current Events

Dear Shorewood Families,


As a community, 2020 was a tremendous amount to process.  Many of us had hopes that 2021 would bring about some needed relief. But, this week once again reminded us that a collective effort to make necessary changes is urgently needed. On Monday, the District Attorney in Kenosha rendered a decision not to issue charges in the shooting of Jacob Blake. Jacob Blake is a Black man who was shot in his back seven times by a White police officer. The shooting and the decision not to issue charges against the officer caused anger, fear, frustration, and trauma for those who have experienced and witnessed excessive use of force and police violence toward Black people all too often. On Wednesday, we witnessed another traumatic event in the violent attacks on our democracy at the United States Capitol. These events highlight the urgent need for healing, an unwavering commitment to justice, and the fragility of our freedoms.


The Shorewood School District remains committed to addressing social justice and antiracism through teaching and learning opportunities for all of our students. Our administrators, teachers and support staff will exercise thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and professional judgement when providing space for students to reflect on the events taking place in our nation. This is important for students as they are learning ways to become thoughtful leaders and compassionate citizens.  Here are some resources that you can use to help facilitate difficult conversations about these topics with the young people in your lives:


 Wellness Resources for Families in the Aftermath of Current Events


No matter what our personal interests or beliefs are, we all should want a world that creates more empathy, compassion and love.  Our teachers, administrators and support staff are here for students and families to create and foster these qualities.  Please reach out if you are in need of support as we process these difficult times together.   


Be Well,



Bryan Davis



Shari Tucker

Director for Equity 


Sam Coleman

Director of Curriculum and Instruction