Looking Back to Move Forward: Unpacking Our Own Racial Socialization


Looking Back to Move Forward: Unpacking Our Own Racial Socialization
Tuesday, July 13, 2021 @ 8:30 pm ET

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As adults in the lives of children, we play vital roles in shaping how and what they learn about race. Whether we identify as White or BIPOC people, an important starting point is to look honestly at how we, ourselves, were socialized around race as children.

What did we learn about being "White," "Asian American," "Latino," "Mixed-race," and other identities - whether as personal identity or other-identity? At home or school, how did we learn to account for racial segregation and racial inequality? What did we learn about race that we then had to try to unlearn? What remains to be unlearned? Join us for this important conversation

These are weighty issues. We'll be joined by three people, with different racial identities and socialization histories, who will reflect on the race work they've done and what they've learned. And, as always, we also look forward to hearing from you.

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Andrew & Melissa
Co-founders of EmbraceRace

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Special Guests


Keeley Bibins is a passionate advocate for children. Professionally, she is an educator that began her career as an Inclusion Pre-K teacher in a predominately African American, Title I school. Keeley is currently an Educational Facilitator for the Buffett Early Childhood Institute where she provides on-site support, through professional development and coaching, to elementary school leaders and teachers Pre-K though 3rd grade. She is the proud mother of three young black men aged 20 and 7 - two of the three young men being a set of bi-racial twins.


Darcy Heath (she/her) is a white, cisgender, able-bodied, heterosexual woman. She is passionate about equity, early childhood education, and early literacy. She has put those passions to work as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and most recently, a professional learning facilitator. She currently designs and facilitates professional learning and provides consultation to various early childhood organizations within her home state and across the nation. She considers her greatest achievement to be her role as a mother and grandmother.


Elaine Mollindo, she/her, is a cisgender female with an Indigenous mixed identity of Chemehuevi and Chicanx. Elaine is passionate about equity, wellness and early childhood education. She has served in the arena of children and families for over 20 years as a family support provider, teacher, director, coach and most recently, professional learning facilitator. Elaine currently designs and facilitates professional learning experiences for various early childhood organizations on the land now known as Arizona. She is the proud mother of a 28-year-old, intelligent, empowered, equity advocate.

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