School Safety Message from Dr. Sternke

Dear Shorewood Families,
Late yesterday we received word of another school shooting, this one with a tragic loss of many lives.  As members of a school community, it is difficult to put feelings into words as we contemplate the senseless deaths of 19 students and 2 staff members in an elementary school. Our thoughts are with the entire community in the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District. 
I am bolstered by the support I see for our Shorewood students and school community.  A few hours after this tragic news broke, our school counselors began circulating information to colleagues on how to support our students as they process this difficult-to-understand situation.  A link to a particularly helpful article from the National Association of School Psychologists can be found here.   
As is our District protocol at these times, we have asked the Shorewood Police Department to provide a supportive presence around our schools.  Our shared goal is to comfort students and staff, not alarm.  We have also asked our school leaders to be even more visible and available, and that all District staff lend their support to students and staff in classrooms.  
We know that everyone will process this news in different ways. Counselors are available at each of our school buildings to assist students who may need some extra support. If you need additional assistance in talking with your child about this situation, please contact your school. Our schools are safer and stronger when we work together. 
JoAnn Sternke
Interim Superintendent, Shorewood Schools