School Board Vacancy Update - 8.26.22

The following three candidates applied for the Board vacancy*:

Andrew Frey
Abby Fowler
Nathan Hammons

*As a reminder, the member selected to fill the vacancy will serve through April 2023, and may run for another three-year term after that commitment.
Interviews will be held on August 31, between 6:30-8:30pm, and will be 30 minutes for each applicant.  Interviews may be conducted via videoconference. At the conclusion of the interviews, Board members will schedule a special meeting of the Board.
  • Each Board member’s top choice receives 3 points, second choice - 2 points, third choice - 1 point. Three candidates with the most combined points will be identified and will then be voted on again.
  • Board members will appoint the new at-large member by casting one vote for one of the top three candidates.  The chosen candidate must receive a majority of those present during the vote to be appointed.
The Board will hold an orientation for the new Board member the week of September 5, and would like to have the new member begin their service on September 13.