A Note From Ian Elfe: SHS Class of 2002 & Current SEED Board Member

Fellow Alumni,

My name is Ian Elfe, and I’m happy to have recently joined the Shorewood SEED Foundation board. As someone who grew up in Shorewood and went from kindergarten through 12th grade in the district, I got to experience all that makes Shorewood schools so special. This summer marked 20 years since my classmates and I walked across the stage to receive our diplomas in ’02. Thankfully this August, we were able to throw a successful reunion event. Classmates who had not walked into SHS in 20 years were excited to see principal Kenney - who had taught math class for most of us 20+ years ago - and amazed to see the building updates. The library space on the second floor of the administration building was hard to believe for many. The space feels like a college campus and for a moment you can forget that you are in a public high school. Walking out onto the theater stage brought back an electric excitement for me and my fellow drama alums who had toiled away to put together the best show we could under Barbara Gensler.

As we concluded our building tour, I took a moment share information with my classmates about SEED. I let them know how SEED has supported the schools and made it possible to pursue excellence in education and student wellness. For the third year in a row, Shorewood schools are partnering with Children’s hospital to make mental health services more accessible. The last few years of pandemic have been stressful and challenging on us as adults, and all of us know loss due to Covid. It shouldn’t surprise us that in such a time the world can feel heavy and helpless for a child. Knowing that SEED’s contributions have helped to lift that weight from students’ shoulders and set them on a path for academic and personal success is a major reason I donate to SEED and volunteer my time.

As I and my classmates spent time sharing stories and laughing over old photos at Three Lions Pub, I invited many to join me in engaging with SEED and giving back to the school that gave so much to us. Perhaps at the 2023 Swing with SEED Gala, you’ll see a class of 2002 SHS Alumni table.”

As a public institution, the Shorewood School District is publicly funded. While political will and funding capacity are constantly in flux in ways that challenge public education, the Shorewood SEED Foundation is a constant advocate for ensuring access to equitable and sufficient funding to support our kids and schools. SEED helps Shorewood Schools navigate funding challenges, moves quickly in times of unprecedented need or crisis, and helps to maintain the Shorewood tradition of educational excellence via our generous donors. 

In just the past two years, SEED donors have given $316,986! The Impact to our kids, teachers and community is significant. 

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[Pictured: Sarah Hammond, Kristy Elfe, and Ian Elfe attend the 2022 (Kentucky Derby Themed) Swing With Shorewood Gala]