Community-Based Finance Committee

The School Board authorized a Community-Based Finance Committee at its February 9, 2021 meeting.
The committee includes five voting members in addition to one or two school board members. One board member chairs meetings.
Committee Members:
Nat Davauer
I have a unique educational background. Most time spent in a farm town school with a graduating class of 18 people. Some time spent in a communist school in '80s China. Both of my parents are teachers and I have an art degree but ended up an entrepreneur of sorts. I have an extensive travel history and taught at the International School of Beijing for a stint.
Erica Derpinghaus
Erica Derpinghaus is a new resident to the village having relocated last fall from the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, who grew up in Shorewood. She holds a Bachelors from Cornell University and a Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown. Ms. Derpinghaus comes with over 12 years of experience in the public sector through her work in Morocco with the Peace Corps and career in Federal sector consulting. Erica is also a proud parent of a current Lake Bluff student and infant twins, and she is excited to have her boys experience the wonderful Shorewood school system that her husband thrived in.
Brian Feiges
A Milwaukee native, Brian Feiges moved to Shorewood in 2015 after two decades in Chicago. Brian is the proud parent of an Atwater student and an SIS student and his wife is a graduate of (Lake Bluff, SIS and) Shorewood High School. He holds a BS in Psychology from UW-Madison and an MBA from UW-Milwaukee. Brian’s background includes sales, marketing and operations in information technology and real estate. Brian enjoys golfing, travel, and rooting on his favorite sports teams depending on the season.
Janet Kreilein
I am a parent of a 2021 graduate who learns best experientially, has diagnosed learning challenges and has attended the Shorewood School District affiliated New Horizons Charter School for most of his high school experience. Our experiences encompass these perspectives plus 12 years of education in multiple District schools including Atwater, SIS, SHS, and New Horizons. Personally, I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and have over 20 years of experience as a chief tax officer and assistant treasurer of publicly traded and private companies.
James L. Robinson, Jr.
James L. Robinson Jr. is a proud American, loving father, social butterfly, and here to help.
Non-voting members attend meetings and add welcome professional expertise and insight. They include:

Jasreena Sandhu

Meetings are public and recorded.

February 28, 2022

January 24, 2022
December 20, 2021
- Due to a Zoom error, the recording for this meeting is unavailable. Click here for a synopsis of the meeting.
October 18, 2021
September 27, 2021