Principal's Message

Bi-monthly, Principal Kenney shares important information within the SHS parent newsletter, under a section called "Kenney's Korner." The messages are also available below.
As we at SHS get back into the swing of things post-Thanksgiving break, I’m sure no one is missing the unavoidable fact that winter is upon us. Students brace themselves as they move from building to building between classes – heads down, shoulders hunched, pace rapid.

This time of year, students may especially crave welcoming, comfortable and cozy indoor spaces where they can commune, and we have recently transformed a couple of areas of our campus in ways that serve our students extremely well.

As you saw in an Infinite Campus message Oct. 31, SHS recently opened a P.O.D. Market. We are one of the first high schools with a P.O.D. Market location, which Aramark Higher Education created for colleges campuses in 2009 to meet student demand for fresh, healthy and convenient grab-and-go dining options.

The P.O.D. kiosk, located in the front lobby between the VHE pool and the lockers, is loaded with (mostly) healthy options for the kids that are reasonably portioned and reasonably priced. Kids can use their school ID numbers/foodservice accounts or cash to purchase salads, sandwiches, hot food items, drinks and snacks.

Along with adding the P.O.D. kiosk, we have greatly enhanced and expanded seating in the main and upper lobby. New tables and chairs give the space a café feel, and students have plenty of table-level ports for charging electronic devices. The kids love it – in fact, it’s so popular that we have more tables and chairs on the way.

Adjacent to the library, we have made over our computer room to create a modern, collaborative work space. This was made possible by a generous grant from the SEED Foundation and inspired by professional co-working spaces. The space can be customized in whatever way students want to work or collaborate, and can even be easily and quickly divided into two rooms using two large, movable whiteboards. The tables double as whiteboards and each includes a touch-screen monitor to which kids can connect their devices, and there are multiple portable chargers. (Coming soon: a mobile projector.) It’s a prime example of how spaces in our historic buildings can become modern learning environments.

Both spaces are designed to support our core value of student wellness by facilitating collaboration and connection for both work time and down time. Next time you’re on campus, we invite you to check it out.
Tim Kenney, SHS Principal