Principal's Message

Bi-monthly, Principal Kenney shares important information within the SHS parent newsletter, under a section called "Kenney's Korner." The messages are also available below.
We’re nearly 75 percent of the way through our school year. When you read that, what’s your reaction?

b. Woo-hoo!
c. A bit of both.

Whether you feel trepidation, excitement, relief or any other emotion depends, as with most things, on how you choose to think about it.

I see this time of year from two perspectives.

Yes, we’re wrapping up the third quarter, hopefully saying good-bye to winter and hello to something resembling spring, and making plans for how to spend the upcoming spring break.

We’re also on the brink of one more fresh start -- the final opportunity of this school year to hit the reset button. But what does that look like?

I’ll tell you what I do, as a parent of three boys, to make the most of this opportunity.

I sit down with each of my kids. We revisit the third quarter: What went well? What didn’t go so well? What habits or actions worked well for you? What derailed you and why?

We talk about areas that were a struggle. I like to see some struggle. I don’t want to see students drowning and chronically overwhelmed. But some struggle signifies that you’re moving in the right direction. You’re persevering when the going gets tough, and there is tremendous value in these kinds of achievements.

I want my boys to understand the emotions associated with doing well in school, and also with not doing well. I acknowledge that struggling is uncomfortable when you’re in the thick of it. But so is the realization that you didn’t struggle, and therefore didn’t get the results you wanted. Which kind of discomfort serves you best?

We recommit, together, to a strong finish. We talk about planning their time well, advocating for themselves, and asking for help if they need it. We talk about seeing things through to the end.
I always tell them, “Summer vacation is going to feel so much better if you did a great job in the fourth quarter.”

And then, I leave it up to them.

Tim Kenney, SHS Principal