Board Linkage Schedule

The Shorewood School Board created a process called “Linkage” as a way to be more present in the Shorewood community, beginning in the 2015-16 school year, . The purpose of a Linkage is to allow members of the School Board to meet with constituents and provide information on the work of the schools. In addition, Linkages also allow constituents to provide feedback for the School Board on anything District-related.

At each Linkage, the Superintendent and at least one member of the School Board are present.

Fall 2021 Linkages*

Date Time Type Where
November 12 12:02PM SHS Students SHS Auditorium
November 16 12:00PM SIS Students SIS Library
November 18 7:00PM Lake Bluff PTO  Virtual - Join here
November 21 6:30PM Atwater PTO Cornery Bakery
December 1 3:45PM SHS Building Leadership Team Room 116
December 9 7:15AM SIS Building Leadership Team TBD
December 21 3:40PM LB Building Leadership Team TBD

*Dates are subject to change.