Forms & Fees Days

Please read this letter containing details about the enrollment procedures for the upcoming school year, which is a two-step process:
PART 1: Online Registration Through Infinite Campus
PART 2: In-Person Residency Verification at Forms and Fees Day
Location: Shorewood High School Arena
August 8, 12:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
August 9, 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

ALL Lake Bluff, Atwater, Shorewood Intermediate School, Shorewood High School, and New Horizons for Learning Charter School (Charter school at SHS) families attend at this location. Registration does not occur at individual schools.
After you have completed Online Registration and Residency Verification, you will be able to do the following at the Forms and Fees Day event:
  • Speak to the District Nurse and turn in any applicable medical forms
  • Pick up student class schedules/teacher assignments
  • Have School ID/Yearbook pictures taken (SIS and SHS/New Horizons students only)
  • Receive pertinent information from your school’s parent organization
  • Apply for the Free and Reduced Price School Meals program (You may also apply online in the “Applications/Forms” tab (under “More”) in your Infinite Campus Portal.)
  • Pay applicable school fees   
Online Registration and Residency Verification must be completed prior to the first day of school in order for your child to begin attending classes on September 3.


I am not available to attend either Forms and Fees Day to complete the in-person portion of registration; what are my alternative options?
We know that a number of families will not be available to complete the in-person portion of enrollment on those days due to previously scheduled events. If you know that you will NOT be able to attend either of the two dates for Forms and Fees, please contact the Pupil Services Office at 414-963-6903 to make an appointment for residency verification. (You can schedule an appointment now, but it will take place on or after August 13.)

I have no idea where my property tax bill went; I paid it back in January.
It's easy. You can download and print your most recent property tax bill from the Shorewood Village website:  You do not need to know any information other than your street address in order to locate your bill.

I will be living at a Shorewood residence beginning September 1. What should I do?
Bring whatever documents you have to Forms and Fees Day to show your new residence (lease or closing statement). You will be asked to sign an affidavit indicating the date you will move in, and we will follow up at that time to receive the other required documentation.

Help! I don't have a formal contract with my landlord.
Please contact your landlord to create an agreement. It protects your rights as a tenant, and the District requires it as proof of residency. You can work with your landlord to legitimize the status of your arrangement. A standard rental agreement form is available for about $15 from Wisconsin Legal Blank.

What if the home or lease is not in my name?
You will be required to provide us with signed and notarized "Verification of Residence" forms if your home or lease is not in your name or if your child is living with a relative. Be advised: per the Thayer Rule, your child will not be enrolled in a Shorewood school if the sole reason for residing in Shorewood away from a parent/guardian is to attend school.

I live in Shorewood, but my child's other parent does not. My child only stays with me on certain days of the week. Can I enroll?
Yes, as long as the student under a joint custody order does live part of the time with both parents and either parent resides in Shorewood. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction does NOT require that the student reside a certain percentage with the resident parent. Both of your child's addresses must be in school records.

Does my cell phone bill count?
We will not accept cell phone carrier statements, because cell phones are not necessarily tied to a particular address. A bill from a telecom company is acceptable only if it includes residential service (aka land line) or other site-based services such as cable TV and internet.

I pay my utility and insurance bills online. Can I give you a printout from a pdf or website?
Yes, but the statement must include the required pieces of information (name, address, and date).

Earlier this year, I already enrolled my child to start kindergarten in the fall. Do I have to bring my documents again to be scanned?

Can I show you documents on my cell phone? I do not have a printer.
No. If you do not have access to a printer, you can use a printer at school when you come in for Forms and Fees Days. Computers will be available and staff will be on hand to assist you. Note that the Shorewood Public Library also has computers and printers available for public use. Please do not come to the Residency Verification station without papers ready to scan, since you will not be able to continue the enrollment process until this portion is completed.