Facilities Survey Information

The Shorewood School District mailed out a survey to Shorewood residents in October 2018 to collect feedback on the District’s Facilities Planning initiative.

Over the last two years, the Shorewood School Board—with help from staff, parents, and community volunteers — has led a Facilities Planning process to identify near-term and long-range needs for facility improvements within the District, and to implement a plan to address these needed improvements. This initiative was driven by the February 2016 Shorewood community Visioning Summit, during which “Modernizing and Maintaining Our Historic Facilities” was identified as a top priority. To assist in the process, the District conducted a facilities assessment of each school. A number of public meetings were then held to review the facilities assessments and develop potential solutions for improving all Shorewood school buildings. (Detailed information on the facilities planning work to date is available at www.shorewood.k12.wi.us/facilities/)


Ultimately, any solution must reflect student needs as well as the priorities of the broader Shorewood community. Therefore, prior to making any decisions about how to move forward, the District has encouraged all residents to participate in this important community-wide survey effort. Surveys were mailed to district households in October 2018. To collect this feedback, the District worked with School Perceptions LLC, an independent firm with expertise in conducting community surveys. All feedback is anonymous and confidential, and is submitted directly to School Perceptions.


On November 13, it came to our attention that the mailing list that was used to distribute the survey to Shorewood residences was incomplete, and that some household addresses were missing from the list. To address the situation, the District is working with an outside mailing vendor to identify the households that were missing from the original mailing list. Once these missing addresses are identified, the facilities survey will be mailed to these households by early December 2018 to ensure that all Shorewood residents are given the opportunity to respond to the survey. Survey respondents will be given approximately three weeks to complete the survey. After all of the survey results have been tallied, they will be reviewed by the School Board and shared with the community. The School Board will then meet in January to consider resolutions for a possible referendum on April 2, 2019.