Wellness Work Group

Purpose of the Group: The purpose of the Wellness Work Group is to provide mental, social/emotional and physical wellness opportunities and resources for all students and families of the Shorewood School District
Administrative Contact: Julie Harris, Director of Special Education and Pupil Services
Group Members:
Kelly Barlow
Ann Boyd
Mahleah Calderon Henes
Ebony Grice
Tim Joynt
Joanne Lipo Zovic
Kathryn Kamm
Meghan Markam
Amy Miller
Amalie Norris
Tracy Oerter
Joe Patek
Tanisha Schowalter
Katelin Watson
Julie Wells
Frequency of Meetings: Every other month (full group); Every other month (subgroups)
Upcoming Meetings:
For more information about this work group, please reach out to the Administrative Contact listed above.