Trauma Sensitive Schools (TSS) Work Group

Purpose of the Group: This work group will learn and identify implementation strategies at individual schools. (Pending approval of TSS Department of Public Instruction application). 
TSS Vision Statement Draft (11/14/18): All children are capable of learning and growing within a school environment that is positive and supportive of their efforts. To foster this growth, it is important to understand that children bring different experiences to school that can impact on their academic, social, and emotional development. It is everyone’s role to address these differences by making children feel safe, welcomed, and supported throughout the school day and by creating a learning environment that provides supports necessary to help them reach their fullest potential.
Administrative Contact: Julie Harris, Director of Special Education and Pupil Services
Group Members:
Meghan Markham
Sasha Albrecht
Ann Boyd
Mariah Ferri
Tanisha Schowalter
Julie Wells
Molly Norris
Jennifer Hoffman
Scott Brown
Frequency of Meetings: As needed
TBD - Children's Hospital will work with school teams to establish staff training (through grant partnership).
Upcoming Meetings:
For more information about this work group, please reach out to the Administrative Contact listed above.