Safety Work Group

Purpose of the Group: The purpose of the Safety Work Group is to “educate, promote and encourage safety and safe practices throughout the Shorewood School District, and to promote campus communications regarding safety.” This work group operates under OE-12 (Facilities) subsection 3 ("Assure that facilities are safe, clean, and properly maintained"). The work group, which is comprised of staff members, reviews and recommends safety protocols and procedures for the District schools, discusses safety concerns and celebrations at each campus, and reviews building walk through inspections.
Administrative Contact: Heather Heaviland, Director of Business Services & Human Resources
Group Members:
Jody Brooks
Mike Hamann
Joe Patek
Cheryl Sawdy
Tony Seidita
Sam Tillman
Jack Wallner
Andrea Warren
Head Custodians/Administrators from each building (Ad hoc members)
Frequency of Meetings: Monthly, rotating buildings
Upcoming Meetings:
For more information about this work group, please reach out to the Administrative Contact listed above.