Student Nutrition Work Group

Purpose of the Group: The purpose of the Student Nutrition Work Group is to provide a platform for discussing the core values and beliefs of the Shorewood School District food service. This work group, which includes community members, operates under OE-10 (Learning Environment) subsection 4 ("Ensure that good nutritional options are provided for students"). The work group's objectives are to: 1) develop both long- and short-term goals for Student Nutritional Services, 2) provide direction for modifications to general student nutrition services and facilities used to prepare food, and 3) provide direction for Student Nutrition vendor selection and annual review.

Administrative Contact: Heather Heaviland, Director of Business Services & Human Resources
Group Members:
Molly Bortin
Lisa Castagnozzi
Jessie Sterner
Sarah Hammond
ReShunda Stephens
Arthur Ircink
Marta Kwiatkowski
Pablo Muirhead
Samantha Tillmann
Rebecca Bock
Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly
Upcoming Meetings:
For more information about this work group, please reach out to the Administrative Contact listed above.