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Overarching Goals 

  1. The District will achieve financial stability by 2016.
    1. Increasing fundraising to 1.5 % of the total budget.
    2. Maintaining or increasing resident enrollment that is equal to or exceeds the previous year’s (resident) enrollment.
    3. Assuring the budget detail is both available to community members and clearly identifies how per pupil allocations are spent.
    4. Examining the Village property tax while balancing educational services with community tax expectations.
    5. Focusing on prevention/intervention services and implementation of innovative educational programming resulting in a 20% reduction in student failure and remediation costs. 
  1. The District will ensure that school governance structures are collaborative, inclusive, engaging, trusting and result in a positive organizational culture by:
    1. Collecting and analyzing information and data that includes unique learner characteristics, program evaluation, stakeholder voices, and leads to data informed decisions.
    2. Implementing a meaningful and formal shared leadership processes to address student/school needs and instructional goals. (Monthly meetings).
    3. Maintain and increase Community (resident & non-resident) Advisory Boards to address District systems needs (IE. curriculum, finance, communication, and facilities) (Quarterly meetings). 
  1. The District will efficiently and effectively utilize two-way communication with internal and external stakeholders by:
    1. Integrating current District communication plan with more diverse/new technology tools.
    2. Collecting District and Community stakeholder perceptional data to assist in the decision-making process.
    3. District/School will monitor other information sources pertaining to the District/School.
    4. Improving the District website.
    5. Transparently sharing District information through activities and/or documents such as:
      • District profile
      • Budget Town Hall meetings
      • Curriculum nights
      • Survey methodology
  1. The District will maintain safe and clean buildings and grounds by
    1. Making building and grounds improvements
    2. Completing regular building and grounds maintenance
    3. Ensuring daily cleaning and upkeep meets School District Standards
    4. Ensuring that our practices are environmentally sound
  1. The District will implement transformative educational practices that drive student learning that include: Integration of literacy skills, critical thinking, and authentic learning experiences across all content areas. As evidenced by:
    1. Standards-based curriculum alignment, vertical and horizontal
    2. A focused professional development program that supports teacher growth and honors teacher autonomy
    3. Collaboratively developed curriculum
    4. Classroom instruction that honors teacher autonomy and reflects best instructional practices
    5. Assessments that inform overall integration and its impact on classroom instruction and student progress

6. Identifying what a student needs in order to be a successful learner and then creating learning experiences and offering choices to meet those needs. These experiences promote teaching practices such as:

    1. Flexible-groups of students
    2. A blend of current and progressive technology combined with face-to-face instruction
    3. Customized educational plans based on student interest and need
    4. Access to educational opportunities that are beyond-the-walls

7. Expectations that all students have access to District educational experiences and resources while fostering a school community that values the cultures and experiences of our school families in order to:

    1. Promote inclusion in groups, activities, athletics, and other cultural aspects of each School community/Village of Shorewood
    2. Provide access to needed resources and engage all families

8. Learning expectations/targets and graduation requirements as defined by the District “Student” Vision built around rigorous liberal arts programs. These programs may evolve to include learning opportunities such as:

      • Service learning, 
      • Experiential learning, 
      • Career exploration, 
      • Character education, 
      • Asset building, 
      • Travel opportunities

District Calendar

    • TueFeb27 School Board Meeting 7:00 PM
    • TueMar13 School Board Meeting 7:00 PM
    • MonMar19 Advanced Learning Information Session 6:00 PMSHS Library

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