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William Wiswall
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I am convinced that each student can succeed in my classroom and hope to impart that conviction to him/her.  My mission is to instill in students a faith in themselves and their abilities and to get each to work to their fullest potential. My standards are high, and the level of work will be challenging.  Together I hope that we can successfully meet these expectations. I will do everything I can to help students achieve, and in return, I do expect that they will dedicate themselves to success in this learning experience.

                    Classroom PolicieS

The following are the class policies in effect for this current school year for Advanced Placement English, American Literature, and English I. Presented
to all students at the beginning of each semester in both oral and written form,
the behavioral, attendance and grading policies are meant to provide an optimal educational experience and classroom atmosphere for every student and the instructor.  Failure by the student to meet expectations in the behavioral and
the attendance policies will result in communication with both parents/guardians and the school administration. 


        Behavioral Policies

Please be on time. 

Students are expected to be in their assigned seats and prepared to begin class when the bell rings.  Failure to meet this expectation will result in the student being designated as tardy. The school policy on tardiness will be in effect: three unexcused tardies will result in a detention.  

Please know that your participation grade depends on your presence. 

Tardiness, excused or unexcused, will be a consideration in determining participation/demonstrated responsibility.

Please be prepared. 

Do the homework and bring the necessary materials to class.

Please arrange to get make up work. 

It is your responsibility to find out about and complete make-up work in a timely fashion. 

Please be courteous, respectful, and attentive to instructor and peers. 

Keep an open mind. 

Please do not bring food or drink to class. 

You may drink bottled water in the classroom.

Please remove and store away all personal communication devices (cell phones, ipods, etc.) and their attachments (headphones, earphones, etc.) before entering the room.  

Any of these devices on display or in use in the classroom will be confiscated and delivered to the assistant principal’s office at the instructor’s discretion.

Please do not pack up before the bell rings. 

Remain seated and working.



Please attend class regularly.  

Students are expected to be in class.

Please take responsibility for absences.

For an excused absence, you will have as many days as you were absent to make up the work. The English Department follows school guidelines for unexcused absences.

Please do not miss deadlines.  

No homework will be accepted late.  Any essay assignments will be noted as “late” and will be evaluated downward one letter grade for each day late. Missing deadlines will also impact negatively on your participation grade.

Please check with the instructor before an anticipated absence.

It is your responsibility to collect homework before you leave for an extended absence and complete the work within a timely period upon return to school.

Please know that your participation grade depends on your presence. 

Your grade will be lowered (even with excused absences) if it begins to impact on your class performance.


         Grading Policies:


                                                                          Grading Scale:            

                                                A      100-92.5     A-    92.4-89.5 
                                                B+   89.4-86.5     B     86.4-82.5         B-    82.4-79.5
C+   79.4-76.5     C     76.4-72.5        C-    72.4-69.5
D+   69.4-66.5     D     66.4-62.5        D-    62.4-59.5   

                                                                        GRADING WEIGHTS:

                                                                           Advanced Placement:         

                                                                             Test/Project:    60%
                                                                             Daily:               10%
                                                                             Participation:    30%

                                 Each quarter grade will represent 45% of the semester grade; the semester exams will
                                                      comprise the other 10% of each final semester grade.  

                                                                            American Literature:          

                                                                             Test/Project:    70%
                                                                             Daily:               15%
                                                                             Participation:    15%

                                 Each quarter grade will represent 45% of the semester grade; the semester exam will
                                                      comprise the other 10% of the final semester grade.

          English I:          

                                                                             Test/Project:    65%
                                                                             Daily:               15%
                                                                             Participation:    20%

                                Each quarter grade will represent 40% of the semester grade; the semester exam will
                                                      comprise the other 20% of the final semester grade.

                             Grades will be posted on Power School in a timely fashion; students may expect updates
                                                                        as outlined by school policy.    

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow."     --Anthony J. D'Angelo


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