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Atwater Wishing Well

Atwater's Wishing Well was created so that teachers could designate items that they need and/or want for their classroom. Parents sometimes use this list when thinking about holiday, birthday, or staff appreciation gifts, or just as a way to make a contribution to the classroom. Please see the lists below for 2014-2015 wishing well information for teachers. If you purchase an item off of a teacher's Wishing Well list, please click here and fill out the District form, or email Katelin Watson, District Communications Coordinator, at, so the website can be updated accordingly.

Jeff Cartier (6th Grade)

  1. Renewed subscription to Brainpop= $220 (please contact Kristin Yatso) OR
    2 really big old dictionaries from a second hand store (the bigger the better)
  2. Gift cards to Boswell Books

Jolene Barry (K-5)

  1. Playdoh (any color, multiples needed)
  2. GOOD NEWS note pads (fun shaped note pads for writing daily good news notes)
  3. Notecards, envelopes, fun stickers for the Writing Center
  4. Barbasol Shaving Cream x3
  5. Craft Items for Art Studio (e.g., buttons, sequins, feathers, etc.)
  6. 1 inch binders for making class books (variety of colors, multiples needed)
  7. Gift certificate to Amazon or Scholastic for classroom books

Bridey Richards (K-5)

1. Board Games (Hi, Ho, Cherry-O, Candyland, Chutes & Ladders)
2. Doll Clothing/Accessories
3. Doll bed/blankets
4. Doll Highchair, crib etc.
5. Set of Magnatiles
6. Extra gently used snowpants, winter boots, gloves, hats, mittens, socks
7. New set of clear plastic clipboards in bright colors

Lauri Sies (1st Grade)

  1. Zingo Sight Words game (
  2. Zingo Word Builders (
  3. Zingo Telling Time (
  4. Sequence Numbers Game (; $16.95)
  5. Learning Resources JUMBO magnetic letters-LOWERCASE; 40 piece set (; $40)
  6. Playdough (homemade or store bought)
  7. AAA batteries
  8. Make a Splash 120 May Floor Game (; $29.99)

Michael Hamann (4th Grade)

  1. 4th grade Everyday Math Student Geometry Templates (package of 10).
    ISBN: 9781570391088
    $67 for a package of 10
    I need 3 packages (30 total)
  2. Testing Privacy Shields
    $38.99 for set of 12
    I need 2 sets
  3. Officemate Multipurpose Tape Dispenser-$18
    Available at Walmart and Amazon and other fine retailers

Lisa Bellford (1/2 Multiage)

  1. Thera-Band Sensory Balls--1 of each color ( or 800-261-5590)
  2. Store More Paper Storage (, #161388)
  3. Two-sided Primary Lined Dry Erase Boards - Non Magnetic, 6 board pack (, #155442)
  4. Art Center supplies -paints, pipe cleaners, decorative pieces that can be glued on, etc.

Click here to view the Really Good Stuff website.

Robert Hughes (Band)

  1. Box of 10 clarinet reeds, LaVoz brand, medium soft strength (multiple boxes requested) around $20.00/box
  2. Box of 10 alto sax reeds, LaVoz brand, medium soft strength (multiple boxes requested) around $25.00/box
  3. Valve Oil, Al Cass brand (multiple bottles requested) around $5.00 per bottle.
  4. Flute, clarinet, and alto sax cleaning swabs, $5.00-$10.00 each

    (These items can be purchased at Brass Bell music store.)

Marcia Mihdawi (K-5)

  1. Beeswax modeling clay (15 colors)
  2. Felt/Flannel Board Story sets
  3. Elastic cord for beading
  4. Play dough
  5. Magnetic cookie sheets
  6. Multicultural crayons and markers
  7. 5-10 good magnifying lenses
  8. Potting soil for growing things indoors
    *bigger item*
  9. Dry Erase Calendar (I had ordered this for the classroom, but somehow this item didn't get ordered)
    *bigger item*
  10. Indoor Grow Lab -or-just the Indoor Grow Lights and I will build the frame so we can grow plants from seeds starting in Jan/Feb.

Sarah McMillan (3rd Grade)

  1. Class set of timers (24); available singly, in sets of 6, or as a class set (
  2. Vinyl beanbags for our classroom library - 6
  3. Floor seats for our classroom library - The following is an example, there are similar cheaper options available. (|FC1021 )
  4. Board games for indoor recess

Monica Morrissey (Advanced Learning)

  1. Math related or problem solving board games to be used during Math Activity nights. All age levels needed! (slightly used games are also fine: chess, checkers, Blockus, MasterMind, etc)
  2. Gift cards to, Barnes & Noble, or Half-Priced Books.

Deb Sakai (3/4 Multiage)

  1. 4 bags of popped polystyrene Bean Bag Refills (a 3.5-Cubic Feet bag is $16.00 on-line at Walmart or anywhere.) I've also purchased bags at Shopko and they are sometimes on sale (about $12.00.)
  2. 2 Classic Vinyl Shiny Bean Bags, bright green-$17.00 Walmart
  3. Neon Astrobright Color Paper, 8 1/2X11", assorted colors, $15.00, Office Depot
    Neon Astrobright Color Cover Paper (cardstock), 8 1/2X11", assorted colors, $16.00, Office Depot
  4. Solid Pool Noodles-cut into 24-2" round pieces to use for fidgets (any color-new or used noodles)
  5. Lego Building Plates (any color)-about $6.00 at Walmart-new or used
  6. Lego people and pieces-any kind-new or used
  7. Books for the classroom library listed below or any (new or used books)
    Golden Mountain Chronicles by Laurence Yep
    The Real Slam Dunk by Charisse K. Richardson
    Gloria's Way by Ann Cameron
    Circle of Gold by Candy Dawson Boyd
    any book by Christopher Paul Curtis that's appropriate for 2nd-5th grade
  8. 1 Hoberman: Mini Sphere-$14.70 at Amazon (used for Mindfulness)

Shanise Rogers (K-4)

  1. Puzzles
  2. Dress-up clothes
  3. Dollhouse stuff
  4. Farm toys
  5. 2 bean bags
  6. Large foam building blocks

Anthony Schiro (6th Grade)

  1. 1-yr teacher subscription to Twig science video through Carolina Biological ($79
  2. 1-yr teacher subscription to Twig math video through Carolina Biological ($49
  3. Astrobright paper variety pack
  4. Pastel paper variety pack
  5. Watering jug with long spout for plants

John Stanco (5th Grade)

  1. Astrobright cardstock or paper (fluorescent colors) from Office Depot or Office Max
  2. Full sheet laser printer labels from O.D. or O.M.
  3. Leveling of my classroom library
  4. Gift card to Learning Shop
  5. Gift card to Office Max or Office Depot

Noelle Shanks (1/2 Multiage)

The below can be found at
1. #SS7396 Focusing Figit Kit #2 $19.99
2. #SS7369 Sensory Finger squeezer 3 pk $9.99
3. # GM 3432 Tactile Sensory Balls 4 pk $14.99
4. #SS7195 Ultimate Spaghetti Figit (2) $4.49 each
5. #SS7417 Rectangular Weighted Lap pad (2) $ 29.99 each

The below can be found at
1. Catalog #1959 Sound Dominoes $14.50

The below can be found at
1. #T9F55o121CL Premium Plastic Stacking Bins $46.50 for 3 - Quantity 2

Meg Malloy (3/4 Multiage)

1. Two Ace Bayou Bean Bag Chairs from Classroom Direct. 28 in. diameter. About $30 each.
2. Pencil Grips - Ambidextrous Standard. From Classroom Direct about $18 a dozen. 2 - 3 dozen are needed.
3. Playground Balls - 4 standard kickball-type balls, 4 soccer balls, and about 3-4 footballs.
4. The following series/author sets of books would be great for the classroom:

-The Percy Jackson Series
-The 39 clues Series
-The series by Cal Ripken Jr.
-Sharon Creech - many of her books are good for our grades.
-Brandon Mull (Fablehaven Series, The Candy Shop War, and the Beyonders.)
-Books by Avi - he's a great author!
-The Boxcar Children Series
(It has a new cover that is more modern and appealing. It may be a good way to reintroduce those books to today's generation. I was a fan.)
-Marvin Redpost Series by Louis Sachar
-The Katie Kazoo Series by Nancy Krulik
-George Brown Class Clown Series by Nancy Krulik
-Roscoe Riley Series by Katherine Applegate
-Jack Stalwart Secret Agent Series by Elizabeth Singer hunt (Gets great reviews as a kid version of James Bond with spy gear and is supposedly great for hooking reluctant readers!)
5. Abilitations gel balls found here. About $6 a ball. We'd love a set any where from 5 to 12.
6. A school sturdy pencil sharpener. (Xacto brand works well) They are about $50.
7. People towels found here. A set can be purchased in sets of 2 to 12.

Nora Tierney (1st Grade)

1.Two-sided Primary Lined Dry Erase Boards - Non Magnetic, 6 board pack (, #155442)
2.Sound Dominoes from Catalog #1959 Sound Dominoes $14.50
3.Foam Jumbo Playing Dice (12) Amazon $7.00
The Poet Upstairs by Judith Ortiz Cofe
One Green Apple by Eve Bunting
My Very Own Room by Amada Irma Pérez
Willie Wins by Almira Astudillo Gilles
Tomás and the Library Lady by Pat Mora
5. Gift Card for any bookstore or teacher supply store

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