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This is the official online blog for the Shorewood School District. All content is created and published by Shorewood School District staff. The purpose of the District blog is to disseminate important information to the public in a timely and accurate way. The blog does not publish public comments, but does invite site visitors to submit comments, which are sent by email to District staff. Comments provide the District and the School Board with important feedback from community members regarding the blog posts, and then District staff respond as necessary to the feedback received. While all submitted comments are reviewed, the District does not reply to every comment that is submitted. Thank you for reading our blog.


Shorewood Students Advance to State Solo & Ensemble

On Saturday, March 15, 2014, SIS and SHS music students participated in the Wisconsin School Music Association Solo and Ensemble Festival at Shorewood.  A total of 250 band, choir and orchestra students from SIS and SHS performed in 209 events, including solos, duets, trios, quartets, and larger ensembles.  Musicians who received a 1* rating in Class A (the most advanced repertoire) will perform at the State Solo and Ensemble Festival in April.  A total of 84 events from SIS and SHS qualified for State!  Congratulations to all the music students who prepared and performed on Saturday. (See a complete list of students who will advance below.)

Hosting the event this year was a huge undertaking, and the success of the event would not have been possible without a tremendous amount of help from staff and volunteers.  Thank you to all the SIS and SHS staff who opened their classrooms for use this weekend, thank you to Barb Marr and food service personnel for help with concessions, and thanks to the school custodial staff for helping prepare our schools for the event and then clean up Saturday night.  Several local businesses donated food items for our hospitality rooms—thank you to Colectivo Coffee, Pick n’Save, Einstein Bagels, and Breadsmith on Downer.

Finally, a huge thank you to the over 200 parent and community volunteers who worked Saturday at information tables, in hospitality rooms, in concessions, and at all the performance sites as door monitors and room chairs.  The music staff received so many compliments on the friendliness and helpfulness of the volunteers.  Shorewood was well represented to over 2,000 visitors from the North Shore area, THANK YOU!

8th Grade Choir

  • Emma Boehm, Soprano Solo
SIS Band
  • Gretchen Froelich, Oboe Solo

SHS Choir

  • Taylor Anapol: Classica Solo, Musical Theater Solo
  • Ella Curran: Soprano Solo, Musical Theater Solo
  • Simon Earle: Tenor Solo, Musical Theater Solo
  • Claire Evans: Soprano Solo, Musical Theater Solo
  • Abigail Grady: Soprano Solo
  • Emma Grady: Soprano Solo, Musical Theater Solo
  • Martha Hellermann: Soprano Solo, Musical Theater Solo
  • Zach Lipo-Zovic: Baritone Solo, Musical Theater Solo
  • Hannah Miller: Soprano Solo
  • Molly Spoerl: Soprano Solo
  • Casey Tutton: Soprano Solo, Musical Theater Solo
  • Mary Grace Wagner: Soprano Solo
  • Barbershop Quartet: Seth Bobrow, Simon Earle, Graham Hartlaub, and Zach Lipo-Zovic
  • Men’s Double Quartet: Seth Bobrow, Simon Earle, Gabe Freding, Graham Hartlaub, Zach Lipo-Zovic, Eli Miller, Dayton Simenz and Ryan Shanahan
  • Women’s Duet: Abbey Grady and Emily Kregloski
  • Women’s Quartet: Micaela Gayner, Maureen Kailhofer, Victoria Klisch and Alison Reinhoffer
  • Women’s Quartet: Abbey Grady, Martha Hellerman, Hannah Miller and Molly Spoerl
  • SHS Chamber Singers -Madrigal Ensemble: Emma Anderson, Grace Anderson, Ella Curran, Claire Evans, Mara Garran, Micaela Gayner, Abigail Grady, Emma Grady, Martha Hellermann, Maureen Kailhofer, Victoria Klisch, Alex Knitter, Emily Kregloski, Hannah Miller, Rachel Munson, Sierra Nicholson, Alison Reinhoffer, Ellie Schmitt, Molly Spoerl, Kyle Tsuchiyama, and Casey Tutton. 
SHS Band
  • Nikki Fremder
  • Audrey Geissinger 
  • Meredith Geissinger
  • Vivian Lee
  • Quinn McCafferty
  • Paulina Ruiz-Maki
  • Charles Stahl
  • Robert Treacy
  • Kelly Whittle (2 events)
  • Anthony Windau
  • Luke Wittman
  • Yiqing Zhao (2 events)
  • Kasumi Grace Stoll, violin solo
  • Natalia Sorbjan, violin solo
  • Maya Lawnicki, violin solo
  • Maya Lawnicki & Natalia Sorbjan, violin duet
  • Isis Meng & Olivia Poole, violin duet
  • Natalia Sorbjan, Maya Lawnicki, Caroline Fraser, Sana Jeong, string quartet

SIS Chamber Orchestra

  • Natalia Sorbjan
  • Margaret Knox
  • Maya Lawnicki
  • Elena Cain
  • Ishani McNutt
  • Josie Lang
  • Isis Meng
  • Molly McLeod
  • Jared Holan
  • Leo Fowler
  • Julie Sottile
  • Lena Essak
  • Grace Ames
  • Erykah Wright
  • Charlotte Berg
  • Jessica Landers
  • Caroline Fraser
  • Henry Kuhlmann
  • Jack Loomis
  • Patrick Flynn
  • Chantelle McKinney
  • Sana Jeong
  • Zoe Bockhorst
  • Ari Cobb
  • Lydia Anshus
  • Celeste Guse
  • Frannie Nesler
  • Abby Schill 

Violin Solos

  • Maeve McKaig
  • Yunny Youm
  • Emma Soldon
  • Ari Schermer
  • Anjana Murali
  • Emilie Lozier
  • Nina Hemmer
  • Ananya Murali
  • Nori Moy 

Viola Solos

  • Will Sandy

Cello Solos

  • Olivia Loomis
  • Allen Kang
  • Ben Boehm
  • Penelope Musto

Piano Solos

  • Ananya Murali
  • Mayan Essak
  • Dylan Larson-Harsch
  • Rachel Robrecht
  • Gus Pendleton
  • Justine Spore


  • Haley Lipo Zovic and Rae Friedman
  • Emma Soldon and Lina Jeong
  • Allen Kang and David Kunstmann
  • Emilie Lozier and Annelise Bredeck
  • Anjana and Ananya Murali
  • Emma Soldon and Gus Pendleton
  • Taylor Anapol and Olivia Loomis


  • Elizabeth Hayes, Ben Boehm, and Mayan Essak
  • Nina Hemmer, Haley Lipo Zovic, and Rae Friedman

String Quartets

  • Emilie Lozier, Anjana Murali, Annelise Bredeck, and Tricia Nelsen
  • Katie Love, Julia Clare-Liegel, Natalie Dess, and Becky Jonen
  • Maeve McKaig, Annalise Lozier, Sabine Peterka, and Penelope Musto
  • Haley Lipo Zovic, Nina Hemmer, Laura Guadagnino, and David Kunstmann
  • Elizabeth Hayes, Lina Jeong, Jeremy Landers, and Ben Boehm
  • Emma Soldon, Yunny Youm, Will Sandy, and Olivia Loomis 

Violin Choir

  • Nina Hemmer
  • Haley Lipo Zovic
  • Elizabeth Hayes
  • Anna Wisotzkey
  • Emma Soldon
  • Joey Flegel-Mishlove
  • Lina Jeong
  • Yunny Youm
  • Emilie Lozier
  • Anjana Murali
  • Ananya Murali
  • Rae Friedman 

SHS String Orchestra Chamber Orchestra

  • Katie Love
  • Monica Dix
  • Julia Clare Liegel
  • Maria Stahl
  • Maeve McKaig
  • Annalise Lozier
  • Claire Howland
  • Matia Williams
  • Joe Bradisse
  • Rosa Williams
  • Isabelle Berszenyi
  • Adrita Rehbein-Jones
  • Josue Bayle
  • Meredith Oechler
  • Rachel Harvey
  • Lisa Vulpas
  • Natalie Dess
  • Celeste Carroll
  • Marlee Lane
  • Sabine Peterka
  • Rachel Robrecht
  • Jacqueline Klisch
  • Olivia Holbrook
  • Penelope Musto
  • Henry Fowler
  • Becky Jonen
  • Jack Schill
  • James Ewing
  • Marcus Hagstrom

SHS Chamber Orchestra

  • Taylor Anapol
  • Ben Boehm
  • Annelise Bredeck
  • Andrew Clokey
  • Joey Flegel-Mishlove
  • Rae Friedman
  • Laura Guadagnino
  • Elizabeth Hayes
  • Nina Hemmer
  • Lina Jeong
  • Alaina Kallas
  • Katherine La Budde
  • Jeremy Landers
  • Dylan Larson-Harsch
  • Haley Lipo Zovic
  • Oliva Loomis
  • Emilie Lozier
  • Nori Moy
  • Ananya Murali
  • Anjana Murali
  • Tricia Nelsen
  • Peter Olson
  • Hayley Ostrowski
  • Grace Reckmeyer
  • Will Sandy
  • Ari Schermer
  • Emma Soldon
  • Emily Teerink
  • Emma Windau
  • Anna Wisotzkey
  • Yunny Youm
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