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This is the official online blog for the Shorewood School District. All content is created and published by Shorewood School District staff. The purpose of the District blog is to disseminate important information to the public in a timely and accurate way. The blog does not publish public comments, but does invite site visitors to submit comments, which are sent by email to District staff. Comments provide the District and the School Board with important feedback from community members regarding the blog posts, and then District staff respond as necessary to the feedback received. While all submitted comments are reviewed, the District does not reply to every comment that is submitted. Thank you for reading our blog.


P.E./Health Education Credit Option Info

The Shorewood School Board recently passed a policy allowing SHS students with junior or senior status to complete an additional credit in math, science, English or social studies in lieu of one credit of health education. To opt out of Junior Year Lifetime Wellness (formally Lifetime Activities) students must meet the requirements outline below. 

Any student interested in opting out for the 2014-2015 school year must submit an application to Mr. Kenney by May 15. You can click here to get an application. 

P.E./Health Education Credit Option Quick Facts

Pursuant to Board Policy, SHS students with junior or senior status are eligible to complete an additional credit in math, science, English or social studies class (beyond the graduation requirement) in lieu of one credit of health education.

To opt out of the required Junior Year Lifetime Wellness (formerly called Lifetime Activities) course, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. The student must have successfully completed the required Integrated Health Course.
  2. The student must be participating in a District sponsored WIAA sanctioned sport. (The student’s coach must verify, in writing to the SHS principal, that the student is in fact involved in the WIAA sport.)
  3.   The student must have completed two full seasons of participation in one or more WIAA-sanctioned or equivalent out of state governing body (District-sponsored) sports while in high school. Speak to the SHS principal directly if you are unsure if your sport meets this requirement. ( If the student was injured after the beginning of any sports season but continued to participate in physically active team activities for the remainder of the season, he/she still satisfies this requirement if there was at least 90% participation.)
  4. The student must be in good standing on the sport(s) team and cannot have, or have had, any athletic code violations.
  5. During the semester of the Lifetime Wellness credit option, the student must be enrolled and successfully compete the additional core curricular elective.
  6.   The elective course, in lieu of the one credit of Lifetime Wellness requirement, must be completed by the end of the first semester of the student’s senior year.

*A student with a disability who is not able to meet the requirements for participation in any of the school’s WIAA sports due to his/her disability, but who has participated in another organized physical activity approved by the SHS principal under similar conditions as those outline above, may also be eligible for this physical education/health education credit option.

Other Notes:

The Integrated Wellness Department and Administration strongly recommend that careful consideration be given to the application of the Integrated Wellness Credit Option.  While time is spent in activity and utilizing heart rate monitors, a critical piece to the Lifetime Wellness Curriculum is the Forum.  Forum occurs in the classroom and provides an in-depth study of total wellness using the Living Compass Curriculum.  The Living Compass for Teens is designed to emphasize the student’s responsibility for their own health and well-being based on eight dimensions of wellness.  The Forum uses discussion, lecture and guest speakers to develop and understand that all eight dimensions of wellness are interrelated.

Given that this is the last Health Education opportunity prior to graduation, Forum offers frank and honest discussions related to healthy relationships, stress management, bullying, human sexuality, drug use transitioning to college life and character education.  Guest speakers deliver powerful messages on living with AIDS, life as a recovering heroin addict, date abuse and sexual assault.

Students and parents should also be aware of some changes that have occurred within the Lifetime Wellness Course that will better meet the needs of each individual student from a physical activity standpoint.  Beginning in the 2014-15 school year, student athletes can opt to waive the required Heart Rate Monitoring if he/she is participating in a school sponsored sport that is in season during the semester in which the Lifetime Wellness Course is taken.

If you have any questions with regard to the Lifetime Wellness Course, please contact Mrs. Lisa Bromley at or call (414) 963 – 6921. 

Posted by on Thursday May, 1, 2014 at 02:00PM


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