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District Blog

This is the official online blog for the Shorewood School District. All content is created and published by Shorewood School District staff. The purpose of the District blog is to disseminate important information to the public in a timely and accurate way. The blog does not publish public comments, but does invite site visitors to submit comments, which are sent by email to District staff. Comments provide the District and the School Board with important feedback from community members regarding the blog posts, and then District staff respond as necessary to the feedback received. While all submitted comments are reviewed, the District does not reply to every comment that is submitted. Thank you for reading our blog.

New Tech Director Takes Center Stage

Shorewood High School is excited to welcome multidisciplinary designer and tech theater “guru” Maylan Thomas to the drama department. Thomas has a MFA from the University of Iowa and brings 15 years of industry experience, including projects with major rock and country tours, Broadway scenery and stage mechanics, and musical superstars such as the Rolling Stones, Pink, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Bon Jovi, Beyoncé, and more.

“What drew my family and I to the area is the way in which the community values and nurtures the arts!” said Thomas. “All I can say is that we feel so grateful and at home already.” Thomas will get to showcase his work in this year’s drama productions, which will include "Little Shop of Horrors," "Rumors," and "Cabaret."

“We are very excited to add Maylan to the performing arts and drama staff,” said SHS Drama Director Joe King. “He brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and experiences from the professional technical theatre world, and I know that he is going to be able to hit the ground running on Day One to continue the excellence in technical theatre that the Shorewood community has come to expect."

Prior to his formal education Maylan served in the US Army. In the last four year of his career he served as the Production Manager for the US Army Solider Show. When not creating theatre, Thomas can be found spending time with his family.

Posted by kwatson on Tuesday September 9, 2014 at 03:42PM
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District Welcomes New Communications & Advancement Coordinator

Shorewood School District welcomes Katelin Watson, the new Communications and Advancement Coordinator, who officially began at SSD on Wednesday, September 3. Watson joins us from St. Thomas More High School, where she served as the Interactive Marketing Coordinator for two years. Before working at St. Thomas More, she spent two years in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a corps member for Teach For America, a national movement of leaders who work to ensure that kids growing up in poverty get an excellent education.

In her role as Communications and Advancement Coordinator, Watson will work to strengthen and advance the District’s identity and reputation through social media, public relations, web, and various other marketing tactics.

When asked what attracted her to the position, Watson responded, “I sought out [this position] because Shorewood is a place where I would send my own children if I had any. I have heard about and seen so many amazing things coming out of the Shorewood community that I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I can’t wait to contribute this year and in future years to the district's continued success.”

Posted by kwatson on Wednesday September 3, 2014 at 11:00PM
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Coach Newman Travels to Seattle

Shorewood High School boys cross-country and track and field coach Dominic Newman was named one of the Brooks 2014 Inspiring Coaches of the Year. Newman was nominated by a number of parents, athletes and fellow coaches earlier this year for his hard work, encouragement, and dedication to the SHS track and cross country programs. 

Because he was named a top 25 finalist, Newman received $5,000 in Brooks running shoes, apparel and accessories for his teams, $500 cash for team expenses, and membership in the Brooks Inspire Daily program. Newman also traveled to Seattle on August 5 for the Brooks Inspiring Coaches awards ceremony. (Brooks paid for all of his travel, lodging and food expenses.)

“It’s a great honor to be selected to the top 25 from the more than 1,500 nominations Brooks received,” Newman said. “I am honored that my athletes, parents and fellow coaches took the time to nominate me, and felt that I inspired both my teams and the running community as a whole.”

Coach Newman in Seattle.

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Shorewood Welcomes Advancement Officer

Ted Knight, the District’s Chief Advancement Officer, began working full-time in Shorewood on June 30. Knight joined District from the University of Maryland, where he served as Assistant Dean. 

According to Shorewood School Board President Rob Reinhoffer, the idea of adding professional fund raising capacity to the District began a number of years ago.

“The Board came to the realization that maintaining the variety and quality of programming and learning experiences we provide was not realistic if we continued to rely solely on our regular sources of revenue from the state and local property tax payers.  In fact, the Board set a goal of raising 1.5% of the District's annual budget through donations and grants,” Reinhoffer says.

While hiring a professional fundraiser for a public school district may seem odd, it’s not unheard of.

“The model is popular in California, as well as successful public charter schools,” Reinhoffer says. “Many people are familiar with development offices at private schools and colleges or universities, but, recently, public schools have begun adding similar positions in an effort to secure resources to support their missions.”

Knight’s role will be to take the District’s fundraising efforts to the next level through professional coordination and support.

“Ted has extensive background in development, communications, and corporate and governmental relations. We are happy to have him on our team,” Reinhoffer says.

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SHS Welcomes New AP

Shorewood High School is excited to welcome Joe Patek as its new Associate Principal. Patek, who officially began at SHS on July 1, came to Shorewood from Cedarburg High School where he served as both an English teacher and temporary Assistant Principal while the school’s Assistant Principal was on leave. Before working in Cedarburg, he taught English at Oshkosh North High School.

Patek lives along the Shorewood/Whitefish Bay border and said he was attracted to the position because of the Shorewood community, as well as the close proximity to his home. He added that he was excited about the prospect of being able to work with students who are also members of his community. 

“We had a number of really outstanding candidates apply for the Associate Principal position, but one of the things that separated Joe was his very apparent passion for education, working with teenagers, energy and enthusiasm for building positive relationships with both students and families,” SHS Principal Tim Kenney says.

Patek will also spearhead the District’s efforts to expand its focus on mental health and wellness for its students, Kenney added.

As the school year gets underway next month, Patek said he is looking forward to getting to know everyone. 

 “I am excited to be a part of Shorewood, and want to keep the high school moving in a positive direction,” Patek says. 

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SHS Second Semester Honor Roll

Below are the high honor rolls and honor rolls for the second semester at SHS. 

Class of 2014- High Honor Roll 

Baltus, Caitlin Frances Gardner, Kayla Ilish Mahn, Carolyn Grace
Baum-Haines, Sydney Margaret Giri, Prajwal Miller, Eli Roush
Bedi, Signe Omja Gould, Laura Rodriguez Miller, Hannah Mae
Borut, Chloe Sayan Grady, Abigail Rose Moy, Nori Marshall
Broderick, Julian Michael Guadagnino, Laura Catherine Pech, Abigail Anne
Dale, Paula Hellermann, Martha Jane Rubinshteyn, Gregory
de Vogel, Luisa George Kang, Yun M. Smith, Amelia Paige
DeCora, Madeline Louise Kohlenberg, Lauren Elizabeth Spoerl, Molly Wick
Eder, Brendan Adler Kunstmann, David Christopher Stahl, Charles Nicholas
Ferrara, Anna Rosalie Letourneau, Evan Dennis Teerink, Emily Elizabeth
Florsheim, Haley Yeager Liegel, Riley O'Brien Tharpgeorge, Samuel Ray
Friedman, Rae Ellis Lipo Zovic, Haley Marie Tonellato, Maria Rose
Frieseke, Bryan Richard Lozier, Emilie Helena Youm, Jeeyun

Class of 2014- Honor Roll 

Apfelbach, Karl Jeffrey Kregloski, Emily Elizabeth Rehbein-Jones, Jonah Statler
Bayana, Suhith Chowdary LaBudde, Katherine Anne Shea, Lily
Brewer, Anthony Darnell Larkey, Eliana Jin Sibila, Anthony Aaron
Bria, Malulani Litvin, Ilya Smith, Jenna Eve
Chapman, Louie Miezio Love, Santidra Lenice Spinelli, Luke James
Clausen, Melissa Brumblay Meisinger, Blake Strohm, Jarrett Michael
Gess, Natalia Joan Morris, Lindsey Gabrielle Tsuchiyama, Hayley Arin
Glosson, Larry Kejuan Murali, Anjana Wells, Eleanore Brynn
Goldberg, Jacob Martin Nelson, Alec Richard Wettstein, Lily Harris
Johnson, Michelle E. Nicholson, Sierra Jade Whittle, Daniel Edward
Kailhofer, Maureen Alexandra Ostrowski, Hayley Irene Windau, Emma Catherine
Kather, Joshua Richard Pachefsky, Jordan Nathan Young, DeJuan Jeffrey
Kessenich, Sunniva Suezanne Petrick, Lucy Adeline  
Korolev, Kirill Andreyevich Quinan, Kieran  

Class of 2015- High Honor Roll

Boechler, Paul Nathanael Hayes, Elizabeth Jane Munson, Rachel Olivia
Boehm, Benjamin Lowell Hayes, Grace Margaret Nelsen, Patricia Elizabeth
Bolduc, Nathalie DeSellier Jacobson, Allison Marie Olson, Peter Lars
Douglass, James Alexander Kenarsary, Anita Pendleton, Augustus Raymond
Eimers, Ashley Elizabeth Klein, Nora Emily Phillips, Chiara Meranti
Essak, Mayan Rube Koppel, Elissa Hannah Sanders, Chiara Chanel
Ferone, Madeline Marie Krieger, Samantha Joyce Schafer, Robert Corbin
Flegel-Mishlove, Joseph Aaron Larson-Harsch, Dylan Patrick Soldon, Emma Eisman
Franke, Joseph John Lee, Vivian Tutton, Casey Coleen
Grady, Emmaleigh Mary Mackowski, Sarah Grace Wisotzkey, Anna Kirchner
Gruber, Sarah Faye Moss, Shayna Rachel  

Class of 2015- Honor Roll 

Balistrieri, Sam Anthony Jeong, Lina Robrecht, Katherine Paris
Crawford, Audrey Rose Keane, Brenna Elizabeth Rose, Helena Maria
Dellutri, Natalie Marie Khang, Lily Roth, Garrett M.
Dresang, Hannah M. Kostic, Emily Virginia Ruiz-Maki, Paulina Christine
Fowler, Hanna Rose Lua, McKenzie Renee Ryan, Emily Ann
Fremder, Brittany Nicole Martin, Mia Alexandra Shields, William Samuel
Gardner, Sierra Nicole Matthias, Isaac Leo Spoerl, Samuel Gordon
Geissinger, Audrey Kathleen Medrek, Maxwell Thomas Wiley, Julian Taylor
Geissinger, Meredith Irene Nagle, Brendan T. Windau, Anthony Gerard
Giesen, Aidan John Papineau, Johnnie Dewane Wood, Sophia Rose
Heinen, J Mathew Pelisek, Grace Elizabeth Wycklendt, Olivia Lee
Hu, Qian Qian Rhodes, Wilelm Henry Michael Zhao, Yiqing

Class of 2016- High Honor Roll 

Blum, Tristan Robert Roy Holbrook, Olivia Lynne Dolan Sottile, Russell Anthony
Cruz, Elena Katrina Howland, Claire Louise Spore, Justine Marie
Dess, Natalie Colette Knitter, Alexandra Christine Stackhouse, Jada Alexis
Dix, Monica Elizabeth Lane, Marlee Rae Stahl, Maria Katherine
Eder, Melissa Susan Loomis, Olivia Grace Svetic, Alice Fae
Essak, Balen Victor Murali, Ananya Tsuchiyama, Kyle Takara
Florsheim, Morgan Yeager Perry, Michael Robert Vahl, Genevieve F.
Fowler, Henry Curtis Sandy, William Henry Wasserman, Kayla Devorah
Goldberg, Sarah Lawson    

Class of 2016- Honor Roll 

Bussen, Jonathan William Johnson, Katherine F. Radvar Zangeneh, Alireza
Carroll, Celeste Bernadette Johnson, Kavanaugh Carlson Rawling, Max Elmo
Chappell, Calvin Antonio Jorn, Eva Nur Reckmeyer, Grace Donner
Cherono, Natasha Faith Justus, Abigail Marie Rock, Jacob Ponwat
Corbett, Clarence Ishmael Kim, Hyein Rojas, Mario Luis
Curran, Ella Darkes Kleaveland Kupczak, Grace Anne Schermer, Ari Kenneth
Curtis, Meghan Eileen Kneisel, Alexander Hiatt Sottile, Peter Frederick
Davis, Benjamin Samuel Kosidowski, Joseph William Sperry, Ryan Patrick
Eimers, Megan Lynn Leo, Ann Rebecca Stowe, Claire Louise
Falkner, Cole Henry Letourneau, Andre Paul Treacy, Robert Emmet
Fenta, Selome Aragaw Lipo Zovic, Zachary Paul Varghese, Rayner
Foster, Quinn Daniel Lock, Joseph Patrick Wang, Jun
Freding, Gabriel Titus James McCafferty, Quinn P. Warren, Carter Patrick
Fregoso, Mario Javier Miller, Benjamin Peter Washington, Nathanael William
Frigerio, Lauren Christina Moloney, Donal Azcarrate Wasserman, Eliana Perl
Garran, Mara Elizabeth O'Brien, Grace McGinn Wettstein, August Miles
Georgeson, Jonathan Lawrence Oliveras Bonaparte, Gabriela Paola Whittle, Kelly Elizabeth
Hammond, Shelby Madeleine Padro', Ana Maria Widell, Sydney Katharine
Hartlaub, Graham Paul Poole, Austin Brian Woyak, Ethan Jacob
Hillard, James Douglas    

Class of 2017- High Honor Roll 

Berzsenyi, Isabell Juliet Janairo IV, Maximiano Romualdez Musto, Penelope Grace
Bose, Shimana Meghan Jonen, Rebecca Sue Patterson, Maureen Lenore
Bussen, Benjamin Joseph Kostic, Sara Lillian Peterka, Sabine Marie
Bykowski, Elisabeth Zoe Liegel, Julia Clare O'Brien Robrecht, Rachel Lawrence
Evans, Claire Cameron Lozier, Annalise Sarah Schill, Jack Decourcey
Ewing, James Richard Marble, Jacob Logan Szablewski, Erin Cecilia
Gayner, Micaela Ann Hawkins McBride, Marwan Kevin Tasse, Isabelle Adina
Grabber, Josiah J McKaig, Maeve Elizabeth Yanoff, Gillian Dana
Hagstrom, Marcus Julius Gustaf    

Class of 2017- Honor Roll 

Anderson, Emma Alexandria Gould, Victor Joseph Obolenskaya, Lolita
Anderson, Grace Rae Grabowski, Benjamin Joseph Oechler, Meredith Claire
Apfelbach, Alice Marjorie Harvey, Rachel Lauren Ognar, Emmett Timothy
Barry, Lucas Robert Ivanovic, Stefan Opuiyo, Lundyn Angelique
Baumann, Cole A. Jorn, Leah Hanan Pelzek, Tyler Nolan
Bayle, Josue Victor Kaminski, Benjamin James Rich, Ciney Maximillian
Bradisse, Joseph John Kessenich, Jack Joseph Santos, Medalia Damaris
Bredeck, Jonathan Michael Khan, Arman H. Scherwenka, Grace Susan
Burghardt, Maggie Maher Klisch, Jacqueline Frances Simenz, Dayton Winfield
Burghardt, Molly Conta La Follette, Nicholas Alan Tharpgeorge, Olivia Ann
Clausen, Sarah Louise Brumblay Lamoreaux, Joseph Paul Vulpas, Elisabeth Evelyn
Curtis, Thomas James Lanphere, William Lee Wilson, Madeline Elizabeth
Frank, Eli Jacob Love, Katherine Mirela Wittman, Luke Timothy
Frieseke, Madeline Marie Monedero-Gold, Miguel Yeazel, James Spencer
Gardner, Alexa Jennifer Navis, Jessamyn Lyra Zak, Christopher Miles
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Shorewood to Become a Google District

As the 2014-2015 school year gets underway, Shorewood Schools will continue to move into the new millennium by transitioning to a Google Apps for Education, or GAFE, District. 

By becoming a GAFE District, Shorewood students and staff members will have access to Google Applications, or apps, including Google Docs, which is similar to Microsoft Word; Google Drive, which will allow students and staff to store work digitally, in the cloud; and Gmail, Google’s email service, as well as many others that can be used in the classroom.

Unlike traditional software programs, most of these applications can be accessed using any device with an Internet connection and do not need to be installed. As such, students and families will no longer need to purchase products like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to complete a project at home. 

This will allow students without home Internet access to use computers in public spaces, such as public libraries, to access all of their school files. Similarly, there are also GAFE applications that are compatible with and accessible on smartphones and tablets.

Many of the applications foster collaboration among students and staff members. For example, multiple users can work on a single Google Doc document together, at the same time, allowing for instantaneous feedback.

Each student will receive a District email address with built in features designed to protect students’ identities and ensure safety. Many of the safety features will be grade level specific. For example, first graders will only be able to email their teacher, while high school seniors will have much more open access.

Students’ full names will not be included in their email addresses, just the first three letters of their last name, and, if necessary, three numbers. (This is the same username that families and students currently use to access PowerSchool.) The District will also retain ownership of all student information and documents stored in the cloud, not Google.

As part of the transition, teachers and staff will receive Google training in August , before students return to school. During the first quarter of the school year, small pilot groups of students at each school will be testing out various Google applications before the GAFE platform is fully implemented during the second quarter.

According to Shorewood Technology Director Connie Jaeger, during the first quarter of the 14-15 school year, the District technology department will be working with building and grade level teachers to set age appropriate protocols for students. To ensure staff members are adequately prepared for the transition, the District will use a “train the trainer” model, which will give some staff members extra training this summer so they can assist their co-workers throughout the year. 

While the GAFE applications will be compatible with Shorewood’s current laptops and desktops, thanks to the generous donations of SEED and the Lake Bluff PTO, the District will also be purchasing 260 Chromebooks for student use while at school to increase availability and access. (A Chromebook is portable, like a laptop, but runs Google’s Chrome Operating System and is designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, with applications and data residing in the cloud. Some applications, including Google Docs, can be used offline as well.) Netbooks, which are similar to Chrombooks, have also been purchased. 

Students and staff will also notice an updated wireless network when they return to school in the fall. This summer, wireless Internet access is being enhanced at all District schools and buildings, with bandwidth, or speed, increasing by 150%. This will allow the District to support the devices used in the classroom as well as those being brought from home, particularly by older students.

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District Math Curriculum Update

Thank you for all of your feedback and requests in regards to our math program in Shorewood.  After review of comments and concerns, we have developed a plan of action and wanted to share information about the direction that will be taken.

As you may know, the review and purchase of curriculum is a defined process (as outlined in board policy 330); therefore, before making a change in curriculum, we are reviewing what we have and how it aligns to Common Core State Standards  (CCSS). In an effort to make an informed decision, we plan to do the following:

Plan of action: 

  • The School District of Shorewood will hire a third party (mathematics specialist) to conduct a review of our curriculum. The findings of this review will be shared with the board and community upon completion. This review will include parent forums, teacher and student forums, visits to mathematics classrooms and review of current math instructional material.
  • In preparing for the new standards and assessment, the District’s Math Committee will continue the conversation about bridging gaps and reviewing new curriculum after the results are shared from the curriculum review. Please note: full adoption and implementation of new curriculum can take up to 24 months.
  • Since the state has granted local control in regards to CCSS, the District’s goal is to support staff members and teachers in first understanding the expectations set forth in CCSS math. This process will occur on early release Wednesdays.
  • SIS will begin the math CCSS curriculum alignment process on Curriculum Wednesdays and during their common planning time, which began in January of 2014.
  • In the fall of 2014, elementary teachers will begin the math CCSS curriculum alignment process. Teachers will also work full days and will provide classroom coverage in order to work with grade clusters K-1, 2-3, and 4-6.
  • SHS will begin the math CCSS curriculum alignment process on Curriculum Wednesdays and during the summer of 2014.
  • Kenneth Davis from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) will be invited back in the fall of 2014 to review/present the unpacking/repacking process with elementary teachers.
  • CCSS quick reference flip charts from Align, Access, Achieve will be purchased for teachers as support materials to navigate Wisconsin’s new standards through our WTLC grant.
  • The District Math Teacher Committee will report on their progress at Curriculum Committee meetings (once per semester).
  • Dependent on the finding of the math curriculum review, discussions about new curriculum adoption and purchases may occur in the fall of 2015.

Additionally, if you have concerns about your student's progress in Math, we urge you to speak to his/her teacher, who would be happy to help you develop a plan.

Math and Common Core Standards in Shorewood FAQs 

What is Common Core?: The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English language arts and mathematics were adopted by the state of Wisconsin in 2010. According to the state’s Department of Public Instruction (or DPI) website, the vision is “to provide the foundation for rigorous education designed to prepare all students for success in the global economy.” The standards adopted also provide the framework for the new assessment tools, including Smarter Balanced, which will replace the WKCE standardized tests in Shorewood, and across the entire state, next year. 

How Will The CCSS Change What Teachers Do?: CCSS will have varying degrees of influence for teachers. CCSS has replaced current state standards in English language arts and mathematics. They will unify goals and expectations for students across the country as well as align assessments. For more information about how the CCSS will change what Shorewood’s teachers do, click here or click here. 

How Will the CCSS Change What Students Do?: The standards address the math and literacy demands students will encounter in both college and the workplace.  Because the content and assessments will be the same from state to state, a unified system of measurement can be used to compare student growth from one part of the country to another.

The goal of CCSS will help solidify students’ progression to higher-level math, through real-world applications and conceptual understanding, not just procedural knowledge. Through thoughtful concepts, students will be able to go beyond reciting, memorizing and selecting the correct responses to weekly assessments to building sophisticated understanding of content areas and taking students to the synthesis, analysis and practical application of information.

Below are multiple resources that may be used in support of Math CCSS:




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Newman named 2014 Inspiring Coaches Finalist

Shorewood High School boys cross-country and track and field coach Dominic Newman has been named one of the Brooks 2014 Inspiring Coaches finalists. Newman was nominated by a number of parents, athletes and fellow coaches earlier this year for his hard work, encouragement and dedication to the SHS track and cross country programs. (Click here to learn more about the Brooks program.)

According to Brooks, while it’s common for coaches to be nominated by parents and athletes, it is unusual for fellow coaches to submit nominations.

As a finalist, Newman will receive $5,000 in Brooks running shoes, apparel and accessories for his teams, $500 cash for team expenses, and membership in the Brooks Inspire Daily program for 2014. Newman has also been invited to attend the Brooks Inspiring Coaches awards ceremony in Seattle on August 5. (Brooks will pay for all of his travel, lodging and food expenses.)

Brooks will choose one Inspiring Coach of the Year from its nominees later this fall. Should Newman be named the Inspiring Coach of the Year, he will receive an additional $5,000 in Brooks running shoes, apparel and accessories for his teams, $2,000 cash for team expenses, and a trip for two to the 2015 Brooks PR Invitational.

“It’s a great honor to be selected to the top 25 from the more than 1,500 nominations Brooks received,” Newman said. “I am honored that my athletes, parents and fellow coaches took the time to nominate me, and felt that I inspired both my teams and the running community as a whole.”



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SHS State Track Qualifiers

Congrats to the SHS student athletes who have qualified for the WIAA State Track and Field meet, which will be held on June 6 and 7. 

Boys Team Members:

  • Anthony Brewer
  • Olajuwon Cawthon
  • Taylor Dennis
  • Max Gietzen
  • Jacob Goldberg
  • James Douglas
  • Sam Kuhlmann
  • Jack Mauer
  • Jonny Papineau
  • Sam Shields 
  • Charles Stahl
  • Jake Woyak

Girls Team Members:

  • Olivia Alverez
  • Katie Brusnahan
  • Haley Florsheim
  • Morgan Florsheim
  • Micaela Gayner
  • Ally Jacobson
  • Lundyn Opuiyo
  • Chiara Sanders
  • Lauren Thomas
  • Haley Woyak
Shoreowod athletes will be competing in: 
  • Boys 4x8 Relay
  • Boys 4x4 Relay
  • Boys 800
  • Boys 3200
  • Girls 1600
  • Girls 800
  • Girls 3200
  • Girls 4x100
  • Girls 4x200



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