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District Blog

This is the official online blog for the Shorewood School District. All content is created and published by Shorewood School District staff. The purpose of the District blog is to disseminate important information to the public in a timely and accurate way. The blog does not publish public comments, but does invite site visitors to submit comments, which are sent by email to District staff. Comments provide the District and the School Board with important feedback from community members regarding the blog posts, and then District staff respond as necessary to the feedback received. While all submitted comments are reviewed, the District does not reply to every comment that is submitted. Thank you for reading our blog.

School District Survey Results

Below are the survey results from the District survey that was conducted earlier this year in regards to our schools'  daily start times. (The results are in the same order the questions were asked, ie the results for question one are first, for question two are second, etc.) 

Please note: many questions asked for additional comments. However, these comments are not included in these results, simply due to the overwhelming number of them. (One question, for example had more than 175 comments.) If you would like a copy of the comments, please email Communications Coordinator Rachel Vesco ( or Board Member Paru Shah ( 

The Shorewood High School student newspaper Ripples conducted a survey of SHS students about the school day start time, which was published in the March 2014 issue. Click here to view those results.  You can also review the results in a PDF format by clicking here. 


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Welcome New Neighbors Event

The Village of Shorewood's Welcome New Neighbors (WWN) Program is hosting an event on Saturday, June 7 from 10-11 a.m. at the Department of Public Works. (Free parking available at 3801 N. Morris Blvd.) 
Residents, new and old, are invited to attend a tour the historical DPW buildings and find out what goes on behind the scenes. There will also be free coffee and live bluegrass music with the stylings of Jesse Walker's Hitch on stand up bass and banjo  (sponsored by Three Lions Pub). Bring an empty jug to play before you recycle it at this fun and informative Welcome Neighbors reception.

RSVP for a Welcome Kit to Jenny Heyden, Welcome Neighbors Director, at or by calling 414-847-2721

Welcome New Neighbors June Reception
When: Saturday, June 7 from 10-11 a.m.
Where: Village of Shorewood Dept. of Public Works (Parking at 3801 N. Morris Blvd.)
Why: Find out what goes on behind the scenes, tour these historic buildings and listen to some great music! 
RSVP: To Jenny Heyden, WNN Director, at or by calling 414-847-2721
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SHS Awards & Scholarships

Congrats to all of the students who were honored at the SHS Awards and Scholarship Event on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. A complete list of award winners can be found below: 

MIT AWARD: Awarded to two freshmen, who have demonstrated proficiency in mathematics or science and are involved in extracurricular activities. Sponsored by the MIT Alumni Association.
Presented to: Arman Khan and Shimana Bose 

FRESHMAN AWARD: Awarded to a freshman boy and girl with ability, scholarship, integrity of character, and cheerfulness in service.
Presented to: Max Janairo and Maeve McKaig

SOCIAL STUDIES AWARD: Awarded to a freshman and sophomore student who has demonstrated excellence and interest in social studies.
Presented to: Micaela Gayner and William Sandy

UWM AWARD: Awarded to a sophomore student with outstanding scholarship, service, and involvement in extracurricular activities. Sponsored by UWM.
Presented to: Sarah Goldberg

SOPHOMORE AWARD: Awarded to one male and one female sophomore with ability, scholarship, integrity of character, and cheerfulness in service.
Presented to: Elena Cruz and Henry Fowler 

BROWN AWARD: Awarded to a junior boy or girl with outstanding attributes and excellence in English. Sponsored by Brown University.
Presented to: Elizabeth Hayes

DARTMOUTH AWARD: Awarded to a junior boy or girl with outstanding academic achievement combined with social, civic, or charitable commitment either within or outside the school environment. Sponsored by the Dartmouth Alumni Association.
Presented to: Shayna Moss

RENSSELAER AWARD: Awarded to a junior boy or girl with distinguished achievement in mathematics and science courses completed. Sponsored by the Rensselaer Medal Committee.
Presented to: Augustus Pendleton

BAUSCH AND LOMB AWARD: Awarded to a junior boy or girl who has excelled in the study of science with aptitude for scientific leadership. Sponsored by Bausch and Lomb, Inc.
Presented to: Sarah Gruber

SMITH AWARD: Awarded to a junior boy or girl with outstanding academic achievement combined with leadership and concern for others. Sponsored by the Smith Alumni Association.
Presented to: Grace Hayes

WILLIAMS COLLEGE AWARD: Awarded to a junior boy or girl with outstanding academic achievement and who has made significant contributions in extracurricular activities. Sponsored by the Williams College Alumni Association.
Presented to: Dylan Larson-Harsch

YALE AWARD: Awarded to a junior boy or girl with outstanding personal character and intellectual promise. Sponsored by the Yale Alumni Association.
Presented to: Mayan Essak

JUNIOR SERVICE AWARD: Awarded to a junior boy or girl with outstanding character and service in and/or outside school.
Presented to: Ashley Eimers

PEER MENTOR AWARD: Awarded to a junior student who demonstrates leadership, service to the school community, good decision-making, strong values, and commitment to the Peer Mentor Program.
Presented to: McKenzie Lua

BADGER GIRLS & BADGER BOYS STATE: Awarded to junior students with high scholastic standing, leadership, character, and school activities. Sponsored by the North Shore American Legion Auxiliary Post No. 331 and the Shorewood Men's Club.  
Presented to: James Douglass, Emma Soldon, Joseph Flegel-Mishlove, and Lina Jeong

AMERICAN LEGION AWARD: Awarded to a senior boy and girl with courage, leadership, service, companionship, and scholarship. Sponsored by the North Shore American Legion Post No. 331.
Presented to: Luisa de Vogel and Alec Nelson

SENIOR SERVICE AWARD: Awarded to a senior boy or girl with commendable scholarship, character, and service as evidenced by school, community, and church or synagogue.
Presented to: Molly Spoerl

CIVIC MUSIC AWARD: Awarded to a senior boy or girl with outstanding performance in music, scholarship, leadership, and service to the school. Sponsored by the Civic Music Association of Milwaukee.
Presented to: Martha Hellermann

KURT LESWING SCHOLARSHIP EXPERIENCE: Four students who won an essay contest are awarded the opportunity to live and work on board the S/V Denis Sullivan to experience self-exploration, boat operations and to develop an understanding of science, technology, and the environment. This is in memory and spirit of Kurt Leswing, an SHS 2005 graduate.
Presented to: Annalise Lozier, Maureen Patterson, William (Sam) Shields, and Justine Spore

CUDAHY FUND WORLD LANGUAGE SCHOLARSHIPS: Awarded to a junior or senior boy or girl with outstanding achievement in foreign language study with the goal of encouraging further study. Sponsored by the Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund.
Presented to: Emilie Lozier (French), Amelia (Mimi) Smith (Multiple) and Haley Lipo Zovic (Spanish)

GRAPHIC ARTS SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a senior who has shown an interest and proficiency in the area of graphic arts.
Presented to: Evan Letourneau

ART DEPARTMENT SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a student of high caliber in art who has been accepted at an art school, college, or university to pursue education in the field of art. Other criteria to be used are integrity, good citizenship and serious academic interest.
Presented to: Karl Apfelbach

SHOREWOOD ORCHESTRA BOOSTER SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a senior member of the Shorewood Symphony Orchestra who intends to pursue music at a college, university, or conservatory. The student must demonstrate outstanding musicianship, strong leadership, good citizenship, and a deep and lasting commitment to music and the arts. Sponsored by the Shorewood Orchestra Booster Club.
Presented to: Nori Moy

HOLAN – TISDALE SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a senior female who cares about the community, who excels in academics, and who has been involved in sports or other extracurricular activities.
Presented to: Lauren Kohlenberg

ESTELLE KEENE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a senior boy or girl most deserving of recognition for outstanding achievement in the study of literature. Estelle Keene worked for over twenty years in the Shorewood High School and Intermediate School Libraries.
Presented to: Hayley Tsuchiyama

STUDENT LEADER SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a senior boy or girl who has demonstrated outstanding leadership ability in student activities in school. Sponsored by the Shorewood High School Student Council.
Presented to: Ryan Shanahan

DEBRA LYN SPECTOR MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a senior who has demonstrated excellent academic achievement and strong character. Candidates must demonstrate financial need and will attend the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Debra Lyn Spector graduated from SHS in 1991.
Presented to: Kara Mueller

KURT LUEDKE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a senior boy or girl who has had a substantial impact on the technical aspects of Drama at SHS and who may pursue an interest in technical theater beyond high school.
Presented to: Emily Benz

SHOREWOOD BOOSTER CLUB SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a senior boy and girl with four years of athletic team(s) participation, good academic standing, volunteer service to athletics, and positive leadership. Sponsored by the Shorewood Booster Club.
Presented to: Taylor Dennis and Abigail Pech

SHOREWOOD WOMAN'S CLUB SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a female student who has demonstrated excellent academic standing and who has a record of community service.
Presented to: Haley Florsheim

SHOREWOOD FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to two seniors with good character, community service, and scholarship. Sponsored by the Shorewood Foundation.
Presented to: Kayla Gardner and Quinton Thomas 

AMCG HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a senior boy or girl who has shown good academic standings and plans on attending a four-year college to study a career in Health Sciences. Sponsored by the Medical Staff of Aurora Medical Center - Grafton.
Presented to: Anjana Murali 

SHOREWOOD MEN’S CLUB SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a senior who demonstrates good character, determination, financial need and a commitment to community service. This student will be attending a two-year Wisconsin Chartered Technical College. Sponsored by the Shorewood Men’s Club.
Presented to: Cheyenne Reynolds

BERTHA WHITE SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a senior boy or girl who has demonstrated excellence in journalism on the Ripples staff.
Presented to: Sydney Baum-Haines

NORTH SHORE UNITED EDUCATORS SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to a senior student based on scholarship and a positive contribution to school and/or community. Priority will be given to a student 1.) Who is interested in pursuing a career in education; 2.) Who is the child of a Shorewood teacher; 3.) Who has been in the district for most of his/her 12 years. Sponsored by North Shore United Educators.
Presented to: Prajwal Giri

WOODLAND CONFERENCE ACADEMIC ALL-STARS: Awarded to top-performing SHS upperclassmen in every discipline. Sponsored by The Woodland Conference.
Presented to:
• English- Charles Stahl
• Integrated Wellness- Abigail Pech
• Mathematics- Anjana Murali
• Science- Laura Gould
• Social Studies- Maria Tonellato
• Performing Arts- Emilie Lozier
• Visual/Applied Arts- Eli Miller
• World Language- Allison Jacobson

NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded by the National Merit Scholarship Program for academic promise and distinguished performance. Only 15,000 students, nationwide become National Merit Finalists, and only 8,300 students become the Scholarship winners.
Presented to: Emilie Lozier and Anjana Murali

PHILLIP W. GROSS SCHOLARSHIP: Awarded to senior students with high potential, interest in academic study, and need. Phillip Gross was a member of the Shorewood School Board for twelve years and President for four years
Presented to: Kejuan (Larry) Glosson and Laura Gould

ROBERT SHAW SCHOLARSHIP: Robert Shaw, Shorewood graduate of 1935, provides our school a unique opportunity to assist students in pursuing higher education. An alumni trustee committee evaluates the applicants based on scholarship, leadership, service, character, and need.
Presented to: Caitlin Baltus, Signe Bedi, and Santidra Love


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SHS Nominated for ACT Honor

Shorewood High School (SHS) is one of Wisconsin’s four nominees for the second annual ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign. SHS was recognized for its commitment to college and career readiness, preparing students for what they’ll face after graduating from high school—whether that’s entering the workforce, or enrolling in a technical college or four-year university.

SHS is also among 12 national semifinalists. A selection committee of national education and workforce development leaders will select one award winner in each of the four categories (workplace success, career preparedness and student readiness) to be honored at ACT’s National Gala for College and Career Readiness on June 3 in Washington, D.C.

“We work hard at Shorewood to give our students the skills they’ll need for a successful life, regardless of which path they choose to explore after high school,” SHS Principal Tim Kenney said. “This recognition is a reflection of the hard work our staff, teachers and students do each day, and would not be possible without them. 

According to the Department of Public Instruction, SHS’ commitment to college and career readiness includes setting high expectations for all students, creating a school culture that inspires success, and fostering an environment that challenges and supports each student.

Specifically, the DPI recognized the bi-monthly data team meetings teachers attend to ensure all students are receiving the support they need to be successful and ACT scores that are higher than the state average. The school was also recognized for its percentage of students who meet college and career readiness benchmarks, both of which are higher than state and national averages. The diversity of the SHS student body, with an underrepresented minority student population of 32.3 percent, and a graduation rate of 98.1 percent (for the 2012-13 school year), with students of color graduating at a higher rate than their white peers, were highlighted as well. 

Besides academics, Shorewood’s culture, such as its open campus model, was also recognized for its ability to build leadership and responsibility among students.

For example, with the absence of traditional study halls, identified students are given the opportunity to use their free period(s) in a way that best suits them, whether that’s stopping by the library, getting a cup of coffee, studying in open spaces on campus, or seeking out additional support from teachers or staff members. Teachers and administrators are available after school and during the lunch hour for tutoring, and the library remains open for about 90 minutes after school so students can access online opportunities. 

 “I am so thrilled and honored that SHS has received this recognition,” Shorewood Superintendent Dr. Marty Lexmond said. “We will continue working to prepare our students, of all levels, for the life they’ll face after they leave Shorewood Schools.” 


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A Letter from Dr. Lexmond

Dear Shorewood Families, 

The recent press coverage about the incomplete fundraising for our athletic fields put the past business operations of the District in the spotlight. However, I feel strongly that moments like this are also opportunities for growth and opportunities to move forward in the right direction.

What I know from my review of the budget is:

  1. The revenue and expenditures related to the athletic field construction are accounted for. 
  2. There are no remaining bills that need to be paid. 
  3. The gap in fundraising due to the economic downturn and donor fatigue has been known by the district and Board for several years.
  4. The difference in 2014 is that the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) will no longer allow school districts to show a negative balance on construction projects that have been completed and are waiting for additional fundraising to cover expenses.
  5. No student programming will be impacted as a result of the DPI requirement.

Moving forward from moments like this offers opportunities for us to improve our business operations and construction project management. 

To achieve this, I am working closely with the Finance & Facilities Committee of the Board to implement a five-step strategy to move us forward.  This is about the future and what we can accomplish together with the right people, systems, and practices in place. 

The five steps that will support our effort are as follows:

  1. Conduct an independent audit, and receive recommendations for improvement on all business and HR processes, practices, and procedures. We will use these recommendations to build a plan to implement them over the next 14 months.
  2. Bring on board an experienced, full-time business manager to lead this effort and to implement our improvement plans.  The Board recently approved Pat Miller as our new business manager.  He has started transition meetings, and will join us full-time on July 1, 2014.
  3. Continue current efforts to automate business office and HR tasks and functions to improve efficiency and accuracy.
  4. Use our new five-year PMA (our financial planning advisors) budget-planning tool to project enrollment, revenue, and expenditures to conduct long range budget planning and sound fiscal practices.
  5. Enlist the aid of the Board’s Finance & Facilities Committee to provide oversight of these efforts, and to hold us accountable for the improved outcomes.

During their May 13, 2014 regular School Board meeting Board members unanimously approved the independent process audit, and bringing in additional support to work on our balance sheets.  The work to move us forward has begun.

This community raised over $3.3 million for the amazing infrastructure we all now share. Previous school boards also took action to commit the use of public funds in support of the athletic field project.  There was—and still is—a commitment by the District to support the initial construction of the athletic fields and to complete the original scope of the project.

With the strategies noted above, a new business manager and an active Finance & Facilities Committee, I am confident that we will move in the right direction and demonstrate that our business practices are at the same high level of quality as our educational offerings. I will continue to share updates about the work of our Finance & Facilities Committee and our progress toward improved business practices with you, and with the entire Shorewood community, throughout the coming months.


Dr. Marty Lexmond, Shorewood Superintendent

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First Ride Program

The Shorewood Recreation Department will be hosting the annual First Ride Event on Saturday, June 28 in the Shorewood High School Parking Lot (check in time at 9:30 and 10:30).

The event is open to kids ages 10 and under and is free for Shorewood residents ($5 for non-residents). Kids will learn bike safety with the proven 'balancing first' method, and will be assisted by the Shorewood Village Police Department and experts from Rainbow Jersey Bicycles.

Registration must be complete by Tuesday, June 24 through the Shorewood Recreation Department website or by calling 414-963-6913 x4. Please click here for more information. 

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Tommy Award Winners

The Shorewood School District and Shorewood Drama are excited to announce our Tommy Award Winners for the 2013-2014 school year. Congrats to all of our students and staff! 

Outstanding Musical
Outstanding Lead Performer - Simon Earle as Tony
Outstanding Lead Performer - Martha Hellermann as Maria
Outstanding Dance Performer - Graham Hartlaub as Big Deal
Outstanding Stage Management - Summer Jurinak-Van Kempen and Natalie Dess
Outstanding Direction - Joe King
Outstanding Musical Direction - Jason Clark and Roberta Ricci
Outstanding Choreography - Christal Wagner
Outstanding Costumes - Carrie Hallblade
Outstanding Scenic Design - Patrick Spreadbury
Outstanding Sound Design - Ben Titus
Outstanding Light Design Nick DaVia

Outstanding Musical
Outstanding Lead Performer - Simon Earle as William Barfee
Outstanding Lead Performer - Connor Hopkins as Leaf Coneybear
Outstanding Lead Performer - Casey Tutton as Olive Ostrovsky
Outstanding Supporting Performer - Zachary Lipo Zovic as Vice-Principal Panch
Outstanding Stage Management - Alec Sill
Outstanding Direction - Joe King
Outstanding Scenic Design - Patrick Spreadbury
Outstanding Musical Direction - Adam Baus
Outstanding Choreography - Ryan Cappleman
Outstanding Costumes - Carrie Hallblade

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Tommy Award Nominations

The Shorewood School District is excited to announce that Shorewood High School Drama was nominated for twenty-six Tommy Awards for their production of West Side Story

  • Outstanding Musical
  • Outstanding Ensemble
  • Outstanding Orchestra
  • Outstanding Musical Numbers: "Cool" and "America"
  • Outstanding Lead Performers:
    • Simon Earle (Tony)
    • Martha Hellermann (Maria) 
    • Zachary Lipo Zovic (Riff) 
    • Connor Hopkins (Bernardo) 
    • Laura Guadagnino (Anita) 
  • Outstanding Supporting Performers: 
    • Ella Curran (Rosalia) 
    • Seth Bobrow (Action) 
    • Alec Sill (Doc) 
    • Peter Olson (Lt Schrank) 
    • Matt Heinen (Officer Krupke) 
  • Outstanding Dance Performers: 
    • Graham Hartlaub (Big Deal) 
    • Yunny Youm (Consuela) 
  • Outstanding Direction: Joe D. King
  • Outstanding Musical Direction: Jason Clark & Roberta Ricci
  • Outstanding Choreography: Christal Wagner
  • Outstanding Stage Manager: Summer Jurniak VanKempen & Natalie Dess
  • Outstanding Overall Design
  • Outstanding Scenic Design: Patrick Spreadbury
  • Outstanding Lighting Design: Nick Da Via
  • Outstanding Costume Design: Carrie Haliblade
  • Outstanding Sound Design: Ben Titus 
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2014-2015 Calendar Approved

The Shorewood School Board approved the District’s 2014-2015 calendar during their May 13th meeting. The District’s calendar was developed as a collaborative effort that included teachers, administrators and School Board members.

Many aspects of next year’s calendar will stay the same: school will not begin until after September 1st, and spring break will still begin on the last Monday in March (3/ 30/15).

However, there were some changes made to make the calendar more family friendly. For example, while the calendar still includes elementary planning days where students do not have to attend school, these are now full days, rather than half days. This will minimize learning disruptions while providing opportunities for families to plan for long weekends. Additionally, winter break has been extended to two full weeks, with classes resuming on Monday, January 5, 2015.

While members of the District's ad hoc committee of the Board were charged with investigating and making recommendations on school start times, no changes were made to daily start times for the 2014-2015 school year.

Instead, members of the District administration will present three calendars and bell scenarios to the School Board by the end of October, with monthly updates presented to members of the community and School Board until then. The change was not made for next school year because, due to many shared staff members between all four schools, there may be a number of cascading changes that could need to be made across the District if the daily start times at SHS and SIS are changed. Because of this, the administration felt it was simply too late in the current school year to make such an adjustment before September. 

The approved 14-15 calendar is below: 

Click here to view a PDF of the calendar.



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Senior Celebration/Dance Information

The annual SHS Senior Celebration is a joyous and sentimental event for graduating seniors and their parents to gather together as a group one last time before the students become alumni.  You won’t want to miss this! It’s coming up quick, so get your payment and RSVPs in soon! Then get your cameras and tissues handy, you’ll want them both for the event. 

Invitations will be arriving via email.  If you do not have a valid email address on file with the school, or you do not receive yours by May 16 please contact Becky Dennis at to receive yours.  Some logistics to note: 

  • The Senior Celebration will take place on May 31 in the SHS Arena.
  • The event will consist of dinner and a program from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and a dance from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m..  Parents will be excused after the first dance, which will be a parent-child dance.
  • The cost is $22 per person for those who will be attending the dinner.  For students who are unable to attend the dinner, but would like to join their classmates for the dance, the cost is $10.
  • If you’d like to contribute to a class gift that will be presented to the school by the SHS class of 2014, you may add that onto your check. 
  • Please RSVP via the email you will receive, but you will need to mail your payment.
  • You may send payment now, you need not wait for the e-vite to arrive in your inbox.  When you send your check, please include your child’s name and the number of people who will be attending as well as the amount (if any) you are including for a class gift.
  • Checks should be made payable to Shorewood High School and mailed to Becky Dennis 2014 E. Menlo Blvd.  Shorewood WI 53211
  • RSVP’s and payment are due Thursday, May 22.
  • Due to space constraints, this is a parent/guardian-senior event only.  Unfortunately, siblings, grandparents and others cannot be accommodated.
  • WE WANT ALL SENIORS TO ATTEND! If the event is cost prohibitive for you or your family, please contact SHS Principal Tim Kenney directly (via email at or by calling 414-963-6927 for financial assistance.) 

 *** The committee still needs people to assist with set up and decorating which will take place on Friday, May 30 at 5:30 pm.  If you’d like to help, please contact Becky Dennis at  This always turns out to be a fun time with great people, and as we all know, many hands make light work – so if you are available please consider helping out with set up and decorations.


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