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Dear Shorewood Families and Community Members,

The Shorewood School District believes strongly that a successful child is one that has support from both Parents/Guardians and their School. Working together, we can help each and every child be successful. While we strive to provide an educational experience that is supportive of your child, occasionally questions and concerns might come up. When this happens, we encourage parents/guardians to reach out to the person closest to the question/concern (teacher, coach, advisor, etc) because they have the greatest ability to work with you to change or adequately inform you on your question/concern. The contact information for staff is found in the Staff Directory
. Should you be unable to locate the contact information for your child's teacher, coach or advisor, we are providing the form below to submit a question/concern so that we can route it to the right person for you. We look forward to working together on behalf of your student.



Laurie Burgos,


For school-specific, non-emergency questions or concerns, please complete the form below and the appropriate staff member will be in touch within two business days. For police services in a non-emergency situation,
please contact North Shore Dispatch at 414-351-9900.

Also see:
Public Requests, Suggestions, or Complaints Policy - 9130
Open Records Request Form
Staff Directory

Principal Contact Information

Atwater - Janice Carter - 414-963-6962
Lake Bluff - Alejandra Ovalle-Krolick- 414-963-6972
SIS - Tiara Rogers - 414-963-6951
SHS - Tim Kenney - 414-963-6920

District Contact Information

Director of Special Education and Student Services - Kate Harder - 414-961-6906 
Director of Teaching and Learning - Mike Joynt - 414-963-6903
Superintendent of Schools - Laurie Burgos - 414-963-6901 

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