Teen Volunteers


The Teen Volunteer application, signup process, logging hours and orientation is online. To learn more about how to become a Teen Volunteer, download our "How to Become a Teen Volunteer" info sheet below.

If you were a Teen Volunteer in the past, you will need to re-apply and complete the orientation before you can sign up for summer volunteer opportunities.

All Teen Volunteers who pass the exam will have their accounts moved to "active" on Wednesday, May 16th. At that time, you will be able to sign up for volunteer opportunities.


Please fill out the online Teen Volunteer Application here.


All Teen Volunteers must either attend the IN-PERSON orientation or ONLINE orientation and then complete a short comprehension quiz.

To complete the orientation, please fill out an online application provided at the link below. Upon application approval, you will receive an e-mail to access your online VICnet account, as well as a password to access the online video orientation.

If you would rather complete the orientation in-person, you may do so on Wednesday, May 16 from 3:30 - 4:00 pm in the Shorewood High School Conference Room #116. Individuals who attend the in-person orientation do not need to complete the comprehension quiz.


Click here to access the Volunteer Information Center, or VICnet. You will log all hours and sign up for classes through VICnet. For an online tutorial of how to use VICnet, click here. If you are still experiencing trouble using VICnet, please contact the Recreation Department at (414) 963-6913 x 4. Please note, you will be unable to access VICnet until you have completed the application. Prior to signing up for classes, you must complete the Teen Volunteer Orientation. You can choose to attend an orientation in person or online. The link for the online orientation will be sent to you within five business days upon completing your application.