2019-2020 District Budget Update

At the April 23rd School Board meeting, Patrick Miller, Director of Business Services and Human Resources gave a 2019-2020 budget update which included a detailed summary of impact statements created by the administration in order to develop the fiscal 2020 budget.
After completing the process (which is outlined below), eight items were approved for the fiscal year 2020, some of which include: funding for a fifth year of Expeditionary Learning at both elementary schools, the addition of a full time school psychologist in the District, the addition of a full time third grade teaching position at Atwater, and the addition of a Director of Equity for the District.

For each impact statement, administrative authors were required to provide Operational Expectation or Results alignment, programmatic impact, implementation plans, fiscal impact, and evaluation plans. Once the impact statements were created, they were brought to the entire administrative council for discussion. Each administrator was allowed time to introduce and describe the impact statements they authored to the full administrative council. Members of the administrative council were allowed to ask questions and comment on the recommendation.
Following the presentation of impact statements, the council was sent an electronic ranking tool which gave them the ability to rank each statement on a scale of 1-5. This process was done immediately after the discussion and results were available for review by the Administrative Council immediately.
The ranked impact statement evaluation was then sent to the executive cabinet for discussion and funding approval in the projected fiscal 2020 budget. Budget assumptions indicated approximately $178,000 available for funding new initiatives. Included in the budget assumptions are:

   -Health insurance increase of 0%
   -Salary increases of 3.69%
   -$355,000 in reductions through attrition, teacher retirements and other budgetary reductions
   - Additional anticipated funding through state revenue limits and increases in other aids
The executive cabinet then moved impact statement recommendations (in a ranking which included their anticipated fiscal impact) into a spreadsheet calculating the running total of the total financial impact. Through this method, eight items were moved forward for the fiscal year 2020. Some impact statements that did not receive new funding, such as leadership team stipends and passages summer work, will still be able to be included in the budget but will need to be funded in the existing budget allocations rather than through additional funding.