Atwater Crew Committee Presents to Board and Community

At every Shorewood School District Board meeting, special time is set aside to highlight different student groups who have the opportunity to present their unique classroom experiences with the Board. During the month of April, the two presentations were given: one by the New Horizons program (whose work will be featured in upcoming Shorewood Today magazine and shared in the District newsletter after it is published) and one by the Atwater Crew Committee (shown/described below).
Mission and Purpose

The Atwater Crew committee commits to:

-Promoting Expeditionary Learning (EL) Crew structures throughout the Atwater community.
-Extending crew beyond the classroom (Cross-Age Crews and All-School Crews) to develop a greater sense of belonging by connecting students across grades and fostering positive peer relationships
Crew Committee Members include: Sasha Albrecht, Joleen Barry, Ryan Kroeger, Kayla Russick, Deb Sakai, Anne-Marie Schmitt, Amber Serath, John Stancp Sara Starck, and Roxanne Tibbits.
What is All-School Crew?

-Based on EL Design Principles: one design principle is highlighted every month and reflects the various ways Atwater is working on and learning about this design principle.
-Opportunities for sharing to an authentic audience
-Builds school identity and pride
-Allows students to get to know more staff members, beyond those whom they regularly interact with
-Opportunities to showcase school-wide community service projects
-Meet monthly
What is Cross-Age Crew?

-Crews of 11-12 students of mixed grade levels
-Students stay with a consistent leader and peers throughout their Atwater careers
-Based on EL Design Principles
-Participate in various community building initiatives and service projects
-Meet bi-weekly
Connects to 2018-2019 Strategic Plan
Character and Citizenship
Connectedness: Cross-Age Crew and All-School Crew helps strengthen connections with students. Staff focus on building positive and meaningful relationships with students in order to develop a sense of belonging and, in turn, help students raise the value they place on their educational experiences. Atwater believes that stronger connections have a positive impact on academic performance for all students.

Citizenship: Cross-Age Crews give back to the community. The crews create cards for the Shorewood Senior Resource Center, pick up trash around Atwater in the spring, and deliver May baskets to neighbors as a way of sharing good will.
Connections to RaceWorks

Cross-Age Crew (CAC) focuses on building long-term relationships between staff and students. Working through an equity-based, student-centered lens, we create intentional, mixed-age groups to best meet the emotional well-being of our school community.

Connections to Atwater Work Plan

Five Year Goal: Students will practice and apply PERKS and Design Principles on a daily basis. Growth and reflection will occur through Crew, All-School Crew, Cross-Age Crew, Character Reflection Journals, and Self-Assessment using grade-level continuums and rubrics.