Wisconsin Global Education Achievement Certificate Award Winners

Congratulations to the five Shorewood High School Global Education Achievement Certificate recipients: Lily Gruenewald, Ada Oldfather, Lorlei Boyd, Sophie D'Amato and Cela Migan. They truly embody what it means to be global citizen.
The Wisconsin Global Education Achievement Certificate is awarded to graduating high school students who have demonstrated a strong interest in global citizenship by successfully completing a global education curriculum and engaging in co-curricular activities and experiences that foster the development of global competencies.

Wisconsin's Global Youth Summits have clearly demonstrated the excitement among many students, our First Globals, about their thirst for exploring a world beyond their immediate homes and communities. That world is well within their reach through travel, web-based inquiry and exploration. The Global Education Achievement Certificate adds a much needed global dimension to our students' coursework and extra-curricular engagement. Employers are looking for these skills and interests in their employees, and colleges and universities seek students with the learning experiences validated by the Certificate. Policy

Policy Overview

Students graduating from high school may be awarded the distinction of Wisconsin Global Scholar if they have completed the following requirements:
  •  Four (4) credits in one world language, OR pass the ACTFL (AAPPL) proficiency exam at the intermediate high level.
  • Four (4) credits in courses with global content. One of those credits may be one year of a second world language.
  • Reflections on eight books (fiction or non-fiction) with global content. Alternately, up to four reflections may be on art, music, or film.
  • Participation in school wide global activities.
  • A minimum of twenty (20) hours of global service learning.

Note a policy update for world language course requirements: Students may either accumulate 4 credits in a world language OR pass the ACTFL (AAPPL) performance assessment at the intermediate high level. Refer to section 3.2.1 in the policy document.

Globally competent students are able to:
  • Investigate the world beyond their immediate environment.
  • Recognize their own and others' perspectives.
  • Communicate ideas effectively with diverse audiences in more than one language.
  • Translate their ideas into appropriate actions to improve conditions, i.e. they have taken action.
For more information on the Global Education Achievement certificate, visit: https://dpi.wi.gov/international-education/achievement-certificate