SHS & SIS Celebrate 2020 Scholastic State Art Award Winners

The Shorewood School District is pleased to announce the 2020 Scholastic State Art award winners from Shorewood Intermediate and Shorewood High School. This year was another great year for the Shorewood Visual Arts as 48 total awards were given out to the students (24 Honorable Mentions, 11 Silver Keys,13 Gold Keys, and one nomination for the American Visions Award). All of this is the result of strong foundational programs at our elementary schools, a thriving intermediate program, energy and expertise at the high school and an amazingly creative community of student artists.

The work of the Gold and Silver Key winners is on display in the Schroeder Galleria at the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) from February 1 through March 15, and the Gold Key winners will automatically be entered into the National Scholastic Competition. The MAM will also host an award ceremony on Saturday, February 8, for the award recipients. Anyone is welcome to attend and participants will receive free admission into the museum that day.

Click here to view ALL of the award-winning artwork.

Congratulations to the following students:

Gold Key

Tessa Bulluck - Phillipos                                   
Evan Frank - Afternoon Nap       
Leland Hanewell - Hospice (Nominated for American Visions Award), Pride, Stair (3)                             
Lillian Hudson - Exhilaration, Anticipation (2)
Ben Lichtenstein - Anonymous                               
Elizabeth Miller - Dysphoric Goddesses, Heavenly (2)
Jamie Puppe - Flower Girl, Playground (2)                                      
Hiwot Schutz - Holy Trinity

Silver Key

Elise Arndt - Faceless                                                     
Shannon Carlson - Childhood
Maggie Dickman - Daydreaming                   
Danny Huang - Nowhere Land                                    
Ivy Lucier - Watermelon Meat, Bait (2)                               
Elizabeth Miller - Naked Lady Lounge, Senior Portfolio (2)                                 
Sydney Miller - Dancing
Emily Ostrowski - Here Comes the Sun
Jade Pergl - Loss of Self                                                      
Melody Villarreal - Forest

Honorable Mention

Maggie Dickman - Partly Cloudy                    
Danny Huang - Priorities                                    
Ben Lichtenstein - Silhouette, Justin in Tree-line, A Place of Camaraderie, Surrounded by History (4)
Elizabeth Miller - Mind Control                    
Zoey Nahmmacher-Baum - Bottom's Mask, Written in Stone (2)    
Madeline O’Connell - Light After Dark
Emily Ostrowski - Hudson Periwinkle
Josh Pack - Battle Dome                               
Mira Prabhu - Pilot                                      
Jamie Puppe - River  
Gabe Salud - A Sense of Self, Conviction, Perspective Matters (3)                        
Hiwot Schulz- Chief Elder of Gedra                                      
Emma Stenzel - Stenzel           
Melody Villarreal - Lanterns, Moon, Lights (3)                  
Olivia Weeks - I Don't Recall                                     
Alice Whalen - Lunch Break