I Love My Public School Week 2020 in Review

For the fourth year in a row, Shorewood School District teachers, administrators, and the School Board stood together in support of I Love My Public School Week, February 24-28, 2020.

I Love My Public School Week is a grassroots, nonpartisan coalition to support Wisconsin public schools, and a statewide effort that encourages school leaders to share with legislators why public schools are so important.

“On behalf of our students, their families and the different communities we represent and come from, we demand the fair and equitable funding of Wisconsin’s public schools,” says Shorewood School Board President Paru Shah.

“We call on Governor Evers, Senator Lena Taylor, and Representative David Bowen to find ways to more fairly fund our public schools. Investment in Wisconsin’s schools strengthens each of our communities.”

During I Love My Public School Week, the District invited Shorewood School District families to also share what they love about the Shorewood schools and to visit the Wisconsin Public School’s Network’s website, where families could find many ways to advocate for Shorewood students.

“Shorewood teachers advocate daily for our students and families” shares Amy Miller, SEA president. “Our work is both in and outside the classroom to ensure our students’ needs are met. For this reason, we stand together in support of I Love My Public Schools week and all it represents.”

“Shorewood’s public schools are the heart of our Village,” adds Shorewood School District Superintendent Bryan Davis. “We are grateful for the opportunity to serve and support our students and their families. We love our public schools!”

The School Board signed a resolution for I Love My Public School Week which was read at the Tuesday, February 11, School Board meeting.
The below video was also created and shared with the community, which captures the essence of why we love our Shorewood Public Schools from the perspectives of students, teachers, and administrators.