SHS Music Department Recognitions

Congratulations to all the music students who have been participating in festivals and competitions during the quarantine this spring.

WSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival
Although the annual district and state solo and ensemble festivals were both cancelled this spring, students had the opportunity to participate in a virtual solo and ensemble. Students submitted a video of their performance for a rating and comments. Congratulations to all the students who participated!

District Solo and Ensemble
Violin Solo
Maddie Pluckhahn
Laura Oldfather
Sadie Cumberbatch*
Toma Avdeev*
Sophie Diliberti*
Ethan Emanuelson*
Katrina Kallas
Bella Lozier*
Kasumi Stoll*
Isa Travanty*
Clara McElfresh
Clare Wisotzkey*

Viola Solo
Daniel Papikiants*
Benji Hruska*
Amelia Calderon Henes*
Emma Stenzel

Cello Solo
Sophia Baumann*
Spencer Caton*
Nicholas Emanuelson*
Nick Glaser*
Baz Holifield
Thomson Yatso

Piano Solo
Hannah Pink
Naomi Raicu*
Marcella Yatso*

Clarinet Solo
Ivy Lucier*

Trombone Solo
Ingram Lucier*

Alto Saxophone Solo
Jonah Javorsky

Soprano Solo
Bella Lozier*
Lindsay Nelsen*
Sawyer Randall*
Mathilde Prosen-Oldani*

Soprano Solo—Music Theater
Mathilde Prosen-Oldani*

Alto Solo
Maddie Beeghly*

Baritone Solo
Arthur Christiansen
Jaron Tsuchiyama*

Bartitone Solo—Music Theater
Jaron Tsuchiyama*

Cello Duet
Mathilde Prosen-Oldani and Nicholas Emanuelson*

String Quartet
Sadie Cumberbatch, Clare Wisotzkey, Emma Stenzel, Ella Dietrich*
Ruth Wallick, Alex Alden, Daniel Papikiants, Mathilde Prosen-Oldani*

*State qualifiers

State Honors Orchestra

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to be members of the 2020 Wisconsin
State High School Honors Orchestra:
Bella Lozier, violin
Ethan Emanuelson, violin
Noe Goldhaber, viola
Nicholas Emanuelson, cello
Benji Hruska, viola (alternate)
Spencer Caton, cello (alternate)

National Hal Leonard Semi-Finals in Theater and Classical Vocal Performance

Music Theater
Isabella Lozier
Mathilde Prosen-Oldani
Jaron Tsuchiyama

Art Song
Alexander Alden
Maddie Beeghly
Isabella Lozier
Sawyer Randall
Jaron Tsuchiyama
WSMA Student Composition Project 2020

A very special congratulations to senior Alex Alden who won three awards in the annual WSMA Student Composition Project.  Alex was recognized at a virtual ceremony on April 4.  The awards are as follows:

Piano Solo
First PlaceFugue in A Major by Alexander Alden
Vocal Solo
First PlaceCover the Mirrors by Alexander Alden and Julia Appel
Third PlaceRumors From an Aeolian Harp by Alexander Alden