Shorewood School District's Vaccine Advocacy Letter

January 18, 2021
Dear Wisconsin State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee,
We are writing on behalf of the school-based employees, students and families of the Shorewood School District in support of the recommendation—from the Vaccine Distribution Subcommittee shown below—to include those employed in K-12 settings and childcare providers in phase 1B of the vaccination distribution in Wisconsin:
Education and childcare: The Subcommittee endorses ACIP recommendation that those serving in daycare, preschool, K-12, and higher education. The feasibility domain was rated high by the Subcommittee as educational settings likely have a relationship with an insurer, school nurse, or health facility that may be able to facilitate enrollment of a vaccine.
While we are confident in our mitigation measures, we realize the value and protection the vaccine will provide for our school community and are eager to provide our staff and colleagues with access to the vaccine as soon as possible. We are currently planning our distribution in partnership with the North Shore Pharmacy in Shorewood to be sure we have an efficient process in place when phase 1B is approved.
Thank you for your important work during these difficult times.